Article Submissions for New Nanyan Magazine
datetime:2012-04-11 11:52:25
Our School's Nanyan News Agency is launching a bilingual magazine this month. This magazine will focusing on people (especially those had or are having a history related with PKU) about their life stories and experiences. Theme of the magazine is "choice," in terms of life decisions, job hunting, relationships, modernization, internationalization, etc. The English section of the magazine will also embrace the slogan of "Hello, World!" to voice our individuality while we embrace internationalization. The Nanyan Team is looking for article submissions from our faculty and students. The topics are fairly broad, so we welcome all articles and ideas.

Please submit your article to by April 26th. The magazine will be printed and distributed on campus this May.

Four Major Sections:

Letter to Future Me:
200 to 800 word articles contributed by PKU Shenzhen students with their attached pictures. The articles could target on what they picture themselves 10 years older and what they will say to them, in aspects such as love, academics,career, family, etc.

The topics of this section are fairly open. For example:
Professor's life stories when they were a student
Feeling when you first came to PKU Shenzhen
View on Internationalization

This section profiles (about 1000-2000 words) people's personal stories. For example, a traveler who bicycled to a foreign country, or a dancer's viewpoint, overcoming a personal challenge, etc.

comics related to the theme of this magazine.