Intercultural Communication in Global Society
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Intercultural Communication in Global Society: An Exploration for East/West Understanding

Presented by Priscilla Lynne Young
English Instructor, School of Environment and Energy, Shenzhen Graduate School of
Peking University
A monthly lecture/discussion series to help build your “global citizenship” by
l  Exploring the dialectic between Eastern and Western culture to help you learn about, understand, appreciate, and respect our differences and similarities
l  challenging you to think deeply about the future of our planet and take ownership for building a global culture of peace and cooperation; the future of humankind depends on it
All students, faculty and staff are welcome!
Free and open to the public
Every second Thursday each month
12:30 – 14:30
Building E-118
S.E.E. Conference Room, first floor
Feel free to bring your lunch
First lecture for the fall semester, Thursday, September 13, 2012:
You, Me and the Larger World: No Culture is Better, Just Different!
Examining Perception, Values and Culture for Building Intercultural Communication Awareness
The Internet, global media, travel, foreign study, and immigration have introduced the people of the
world to each other. As a student, faculty or staff member at PKU you likely have encountered
foreigners on campus and beyond. All human beings communicate, but how they do so is in direct
relationship to their culture.
This lecture/discussion series introduces you to intercultural communication, what to think
about and do for effective interaction with those from other cultures, whether from foreign
lands or provinces different from where you grew up.
This first session for the fall semester invites you to participate in a lively discussion as you learn about culture, how it shapes our perceptions, how perception shapes communication, and how communication impacts personal and professional relationships.
Priscilla Lynne Young serves as English Instructor in the S.E.E. lab overseen by Dr. QIU Guoyu, helping students to improve their spoken and written English, as well as introducing them to Western culture, particularly U.S. American culture. She earned her master’s degree in communication studies with a focus on intercultural communication at the University of Rhode Island, USA and is secretary/treasurer and newsletter editor for the International Association for Intercultural Communication Studies. As an undergraduate, Priscilla majored in English with a concentration in creative writing. Her professional experience includes consulting/training, teaching, news and feature writing/editing, speech writing, radio broadcasting, public relations, executive management, events planner, cook, caterer and cocktail waitress. Priscilla has studied Spanish and French and currently is learning Chinese. She has traveled across the USA and visited Canada,Mexico, Viet Nam, and Taiwan. She has traveled across Europe and much of the United Kingdom, and has worked in Paris and London. Priscilla brings a background in creative arts and music, as well, to her work here at PKU.