Corporate Social Responsibility and Business Sustainability Forum
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 On October 27th, the Shenzhen Corporate Social Responsibility and Business Sustainability Development Forum was held at the PKU Shenzhen International Conference Center. The forum was sponsored by HSBC Business School and hosted by the Center for Green Economy of HSBC Business School. It was supported by Shenzhen Graduate School of Peking University, International Union of Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources(IUCN) and the Shenzhen Municipal Government. The forum put forth the slogan “green idea and green action, to create a green world and realize the green dream."

Students from PHBS serving as Master of Ceremonies

Inauguration of ‘Shenzhen R&D Center for Green Economy’

The forum was attended by diplomats, researchers, public policy experts, leaders and renowned dignitaries from all over the world. Some of the esteemed attendees were Dr. Gerald Stahl, Deputy Secretary General of the Commission of the European Union, Mr. Maurice Strong, Former Deputy Secretary General of the United Nations, Dr. David Ness, and Consultant to United Nations Environment Programme, Dr. Wolfand Klenner, Dean of the School of East Asian Studies, University of Bochum, Germany, Professor, Stainslaw Marciniak, Professor, Warsaw University of Technology and Mr. Tang Jie Vice Mayor of Shenzhen. Attendees from PKU Shenzhen included Mrs. Shi Shouxu and Mr. Luan Shengji, Vice-Chancellors of PKU Shenzhen, Dr. Vincent Chang, Executive Dean of HSBC Business School, Mr. Zhang Huacheng, Executive Vice Dean of HSBC Business School, Mr. Kong Ying, Deputy Dean of HSBC Business School. Professor Haifeng Huang, Assistant Dean of HSBC Business School served as the host for the entire event.  

Chairman of the Council of the World Conservation League Mr. Zhang Xinsheng

Vice mayor of Shenzhen City, Mr. Tang Jie

Executive Dean of PHBS, Dr. Vincent Chang

Assistant Dean of PHBS, Professor Huang Haifeng

The forum began with introductory speeches by Prof. Haifeng Huang, Mr. Tang Jie and Mr. Zhang Xinsheng around the central theme of developing Shenzhen as the “green city of China” to aid in the future development of green cities. Mr. Zhang in his speech emphasizes on emphasized on the need of education in green economy in business schools and the increased role of the new generation of students in the same field, Corporate Social Responsibility in the context of Shenzhen given that Shenzhen is a growing center of business and finance.

Professor Wolfgang Klenner, Former Dean of Faculty of East Asian Studies, Ruhr University Bochum, delivering the keynote address

Former Deputy Secretary General of the United Nations Mr. Maurice Strong

Dr. David Ness, Consultant to UNEP

Professor Christopher Stehr, Professor at GGS, Germany delivering his keynote address.

Vice president of Peking University HSBC Business School, and Director of Green Economy Research Center Professor Kong Ying addressing the gathering

After this, the Leadership Institute of HSBC Business School issued Honorary Letters of Appointment to Dr. David Ness, Dr. Gerald Stahl and Mr. Maurice Strong. Mr. Hong Hanzhong, Mr. Tu Zhiyong, Mr. Tu Deng were awarded appointment letters as research fellows of the Leadership Institute. The Shenzhen R&D Center for Green Economy was formally inaugurated and a pilot research project was launched in this session.
This was followed by keynote speeches by Mr. Maurice Strong, Dr. David Ness and Dr. Christopher Stehr. Mr. Strong emphasized on the efficient use of resources and cited his experience while developing Earth Summit and the case of Japan to show how economic efficiency and corporate responsibility can be developed together. Dr. David Ness spoke next on similar themes of transforming to an eco-friendly civilization. Dr. Ness surprised everyone by quoting a famous Chinese poet and his call for young Chinese men to contribute to changes was met by a huge round of applause. Lastly, Professor Christopher Stehr shared his perspectives with the gathering and summer up his experiences in a single quote, “you are what you do, not what you said.”

Panel Discussion

Panel Discussion with Professor Kong as moderator

This was succeeded by a number of panel discussions spanning a wide range of topics. These included “Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development” moderated by Asif Siddiqui, a Finance student at PHBS and “Financial Innovation and Enterprise Strategy Transition” moderated by Professor Philip Huang, Director of EMBA program at PHBS and Dr. Wei Cen, Deputy Director for Center of Green Economy. Several dignitaries delivered keynote speeches later on including Professor Jason Tasi, Dean of College of Business, Taipei University, Dr. Wei Xu, Director of Finance Innovation and Green Economy Research Center, PHBS and Ms. Chenlu Ma, Student Representative. After the event, all the guests were led to the Moot Court for a Welcome Dinner and a Cocktail party organized by the International Association of PKU Shenzhen. The dinner featured cuisines from around the world and was “truly multicultural” to quote the President of International Association, Mr. Tiago Loureiro. Mr. Hong Hanzhong, Executive President of Shenzhen Green Economic Development Research Association and one of the main sponsors of the event delivered the vote of thanks. The forum concluded with live performance from the members of the dance association and a cocktail party.

Guests gathered around the PKU Shenzhen entrance boulevard.

The forum was very well received by the visiting dignitaries and PKU Shenzhen community. We hope that more events of such magnitude that contribute to the development of PKU Shenzhen, Shenzhen and China are organized regularly by PKU Shenzhen.  

Translated by Peng Xiaoshan and Song Dan
Edited by Sunny Mewati