DeTao Talk presents Prof. Liu Guangzhong on Design
datetime:2014-12-15 10:34:10
The 5th DeTao Talk will be held at 15.00 on Thursday 18 December in Room C-203. Professor Liu Guanzhong will bring us a talk "Design is the 3rd Type of Wisdom Saving Humans from Being Destroyed". All are welcome to attend.
Mr. Liu Guanzhong is currently Professor in Professional Charge and Doctoral Supervisor of Tsinghua University, Honorary Vice President of China Industrial Design Association & Director of Academic and Exchange Committee, Honorary Professor of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, and Adjunct Professor and Doctoral Supervisor of the Central South University. He founded China's first faculty of industrial design in 1984. With years of practice in teaching and research, he shaped the theories and the teaching framework of China's industrial design, becoming China's most celebrated academic leader and theorist in the profession. He is active in teaching, academic and design programs across China and has nurtured a number of teaching and professional elites in design. His Theory of Lifestyle, Symbiotic Aesthetics and Matterology are steering and shaping the design community both in China and the rest of the world, which constitute his own theoretical system of design.