Sino-European Forum for the Development of CSR Held in Downtown Shenzhen
datetime:2015-11-03 15:27:10
     Bidding the month of October adieu, Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School and Observatoire Social International, under the High Patronage of the French Embassy in China, jointly organized a Sino European Forum on the Development of Corporate Social Responsibility, on 29th and 30th October 2015 at the prestigious Marco Polo Hotel, Shenzhen.

     Distinguished speakers from various successful Chinese and European enterprises shared their thoughts and experiences regarding Corporate Social Responsibility and its implementation, both in China and Europe.

     At the beginning of the forum Bertrand Furno, the General Council of France in Guangdong (China) shared his views regarding the forum and France China Corporate relationships after which Madame Muriel Morin, Chair of the Observatoire Social International, addressed the forum and gave an introduction of the Obseratoire Social International, its mission, goals, main operations and its research and collaboration on environmental related issues. After Madame Morin, Professor Wen Hai, Vice Chairman of Peking University Council, Chancellor of Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School gave an introductory speech over CSR, its importance, and its study. Professor Hai emphasized on how Peking University HSBC Business School is inculcating Corporate Social Responsibility concepts into its future entrepreneurs. He concluded that this forum is organized to promote inter-culture dialogue for the CSR and Entrepreneurship.

     After the initial addresses, the first round table dialogue was held, which included Ms. Brigitte Dumont; Chief CSR Officer ORANGE, Mr. Alex Wang, Chair of the Joint Audit Cooperation (JAC), Orange. Mr. Steven Paisopoulos, Head of Deutsche Telekom Shenzhen Office and Mr. Alan Aicken, Chief Sustainability Officer, GSPC (Huawei).

     During the round table dialogue the role of Joint Audit Cooperation between companies and its emphasis on CSR was discussed in detail followed by a brief question and answer session. During the first day, a total of five round table dialogues were held. Each focused on the key CSR issues such as social, environment, health and safety, ethics, and most importantly, the incorporation of key CSR themes into manager training.

     The round table participants included Mr. Thierry Bogaty from AMUNDI, MS. Margaux Lenne from BPI France China, He Ping from Shenzhen Baisheng Investment Group Limited Co., Yu Ning, from Beijing International Studies University, Marc Deluzet of ENGIE, Patrick Dambron from IEAM , Prof. Kong Fanmin from HSBC Business School, Ms. Zhang Tian-ai, Prof Herve Mathe from ESSEC et al.
     The forum concluded with an emphasis on the implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility to be taught not just in the Academia but also in organizations.  Moreover, it also emphasized the fact that CSR is not just the responsibility of corporations and government entities but also individuals in general.

Reported by Fayeza Yahya