International Programs Admissions Talk Held at Main Campus with Chancellor Hai
datetime:2015-12-17 10:31:59
     On December 16th Peking University HSBC Business School (PHBS) and School of Transnational Law (STL) held an admission talk to international students at Peking University International i-Center. Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School Chancellor and Dean of PHBS, Professor Wen Hai introduced PHBS’s international degrees. He was joined by Professor Lori Reynolds, Director of the School of Transnational Law International Programs Office, who introduced STL’s international degrees. Both schools conduct their degree programs in English and actively recruit international students.

       Dean Wen Hai shared with students PHBS’s history and how the PKU tradition has influenced PHBS’s philosophy and mission and has enabled PHBS to become a top business school in China. Peking University HSBC Business School was established in 2004 and began with the intention to train its students to be both globally competent and experts in their fields. PHBS offers master’s degrees in management, finance, and economics, as well as a full-time MBA, taught fully in English. These programs are intentionally taught in English in order to give students the tools they need to be business leaders within China and throughout the world. Not only is PHBS China’s first all English-taught business school, but the school also boasts a diverse international faculty. PHBS faculty members have obtained their PhDs from top universities all over the world, including schools such as Columbia University, UPenn-Wharton School, and many more. PHBS prides itself on excellence in teaching and research aiming to provide its students with a quality education. To that end, PHBS has maintained EPAS accreditation for its Master of Economics since 2011 and its Master of Finance was recently recognized by the CFA Institute University Recognition Program.

     At PHBS, international students enjoy the opportunity to learn together alongside Chinese students, creating diversity and integration among students from all over the world.Students at PHBS also have unique access to China’s most entrepreneurial city, as well as close proximity to the financial hub of Hong Kong.As China plays an increasing role in the business and financial world, PHBS will continue to be a leading school that equips students with the necessary skills to become future business leaders within China and throughout the world.Students who weren’t able to attend Wednesday’s presentation can get information on PHBS’s programs at and can contact the international admission office at

     International students at Peking University also heard about an innovative new LL.M. program at Peking University School of Transnational Law (STL). Those students with a first degree in law, such as the LL.B. offered by PKU, can apply to enroll in STL’s LL.M. program. In anticipation of the global economy’s growing need for transnational legal services, STL created the program of over 60 English-language courses in transnational law, Chinese law and legal traditions, and American and EU law. Lori Reynolds, Director of Graduate and International Programs, talked with students about how the program has achieved global interest and how it is especially attractive to students and recent graduates from countries with economic relationships with China. She explained how the program is ideal for “students who want to gain an expertise in cross-border transactions so they can work in areas related to trade between their home countries and China.” She also said that current LL.M. students chose STL because they wanted an LL.M. program that would set them apart in a competitive job market and would prepare them for successful legal services careers in dynamic and evolving economies. One of the current students chose STL because “STL offers a unique curriculum that not only mixes great courses and teachers but it offers each student the opportunity to experience China at a whole different level. The academic experience plus the cultural and extracurricular activities STL offers excel in comparison to other LL.M. programs." STL's LL.M. graduates expect to graduate from the English-language program as lawyers uniquely equipped for leadership in today's interconnected world, with deep knowledge and understanding of Chinese and Western law and legal traditions and with the practical skills necessary for cross-cultural success. They anticipate distinguished careers in private sector, public sector, public interest legal work, and legal academia around the world. Students who weren’t able to attend Wednesday’s presentation can get information on the LL.M. program through their website at and can contact the program office by email using the following address:

     Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School, primarily focused on full-time graduate education, is an integral part of Peking University's progression toward becoming a world-class university. PKU Shenzhen's goal is to build a world-class international PKU campus in Shenzhen, a pioneer city leading China’s Reform and Opening-Up Policy, while adhering to the academic principles of “New Frontiers, Interdisciplinary Studies, Applied Research and International Standards.”