2015 New Student Welcome Celebration Held at PKU Shenzhen
datetime:2015-09-29 10:50:16
 On Friday the 25th of September, PKUSZ celebrated the 70th Anniversary of the victory over Japan, and welcomed the new students of 2015. Filled with an abundance of well-choreographed performances, the audience witnessed an impressive portrayal of talent, skill and creativity. Students from all of the PKUSZ faculties participated.
The theme of the night was broken down into three chapters; an Encounter with PKU, Honor the History, and Build Your Future.  Moreover, a major underlying theme was love and friendship, and each performance was matched to the respective chapter.

 There were a couple of mentionable performances, which portrayed how seriously the students took the events. In their stage play, the students of STL comically depicted the Emperor picking his new wife by setting up a talent show in the palace. Modernized to match contemporary trends, amongst those who auditioned, there was a girl who recited Shakespeare, one who danced hip-hop and another who sang modern pop. On the other end of the scale was a historical drama play by the SHSS students, based on the Japanese invasion of China. However, perhaps the highlight of the night was the Ode to the Red Flag by one of the hosts, whose voice was beyond imagination.
Evidently, there was never a dull moment for the audience.  Beside the show, to keep them on their feet at all times, the hosts conversed with the audience, included a quiz, and gave away ‘lucky draw’ prizes.

Throughout the night, there was never a drop in the quality of the performances. The night eventually concluded with the PKU anthem, by the PKUSZ Choir, who, although composed of a collage of voices, together, made up the unyielding voice of PKUSZ.
Thank you to all of the performers, and those who supported them!

Written by Martin Kiss
Photos by 李淑筱