Environmental Defense Fund Climate Corps Recruitment at PKU Shenzhen
datetime:2015-10-15 11:28:51
     The 14th of October saw PHBS playing host to another prestigious international organization who were here to give an informative seminar on what they do and  provided some insights on the selection process to join them. The Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) Climate Corps is a premier fellowship program which recruits exceptionally smart and motivated candidates  and trains them to be employed with leading corporations to provide pragmatic and actionable recommendations to increase energy efficiency. The program which commenced 8 years ago in the United States of America recently expanded to China. Even though the US Fellowship program is open to graduates in all countries, given the dire need for active environmental measures in a country as highly industrialized and having a diverse business culture as China, the EDF, in a stellar move, forayed into Asia's biggest economy to focus on enhancing and accelerating energy management by forging sustainable, cost-effective solutions conducive to both environmental protection and economic development.

     PHBS invited Liz Delaney, Program Director, EDF Climate Corps Corporate Partnerships Program and Scott Wood, Manager, EDF Climate Corps who flew in all the way to enlighten prospective interns about the program in China and the USA. The bilingual seminar also saw Xixi Chen, Energy Efficiency Manager for the China Program talk to the audience about the impact that multinationals in China benefited from hiring Chinese students and the rigorous training that they undertook. Thus, not only do fellows get to build connections with executives from top-notch multinationals, but they also get a chance to make a substantial contribution towards energy efficient opportunities in global supply chain management! Through the interactive session, the audience also got a chance to watch a video which reflected the diverse areas of actions available to candidates, Walmart China's profitable alliance with EDF China, extensive information about the training program and the locations where they would be conducted apart from throwing out astounding facts and figures that mitigate sustainability, the core factor which drove EDF Climate Corps to come into existence.

     The fellowship is a structured program that gives equal allocation to training and implementation. The comprehensive training encompasses different aspects of financial and business management along with environmental studies post which fellows work directly with staff from operations, finance and sustainability departments on a wide range of innovative projects. The one week training program, for fellowships in both the countries, is held in the US in May and students must secure prior permission for leave of absence from the school, post which they can choose a 10-12 week schedule according to their convenience to intern at an organization, either in China or in the US. Before accepting the application, the candidates will be engaging in an intensive recruitment scheme which will highlight the field of work and the host corporation that they will be employed with. These are gauged by the candidate's application, their interests, area of expertise or educational qualification, phone or face-to-face interview, the nature of work of the corporation and the candidate's preferences of organization, etc.

     Interested candidates need not have an educational qualification in management or environmental studies but should demonstrate a passion and maturity to help change the critical statistics of climate and environment degradation. Even though the programs in these two countries do not differ significantly, it is essential that candidates for the Chinese fellowship be proficient in Chinese language. Additionally, for those who are not eligible for the program in China, they can directly apply to the US program but must check for the status of work visa and other legal issues that they may encounter during the stay. For more details, visit edf.org (China), edfclimatecorps.org (USA/Global) or you may also write to Xixi Chen (xchen@edf.orf) or Liz Delaney (ldelaney@edf.org) to seek more clarifications. The application deadline for both the programs is the 8th of December, 2015 however it helps to apply early to ensure a preferred match with a host organization.

Reported by Gayathri Jagannathan