Career Development Association Visits Qianhai Career Company
datetime:2015-11-03 10:50:31

     Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School recently started a project with Qianhai Career Company that sets a good example of a win-win situation between a school and a company. This project aims to help graduate students to get better acquainted with the employment environment. Students can learn how to plan their own future careers based on their educational backgrounds, interests and potential.
     On the 17th of October, Ms. An Xiaopeng, the Deputy Secretary of CPC Committee of PKUSZ and Dr. Liu Zhiqiang, the President of Qianhai Career Company held an opening ceremony for the first cooperation. PKUSZ set up a career lab on campus and appointed Qianhai Career Company as the consultative director.
     On October 22nd, students of various PKU Shenzhen schools attended the first career class. Students with different majors were grouped into several teams. They got familiar with one another quickly after the icebreakers and drew their own group logo under the guide of Teacher Liu, the vice prime minister of the Qianhai Career Company. Each logo combined the characteristics of each team member. All members were bound to a brilliant logo and a cheerful team spirit.
     After that, each student drew their own dream future career rainbow according to the professional career rainbow. They discovered which of the different stages of life was most important to them. Students should not only work for themselves, but also for their families and society. Students need to shoulder the responsibility of building our society to be a better place to live in.
     On October 28th, students paid a visit to the Qianhai Career Company. They visited and observed the SFDP (Sino- Finnish Design Park). In SFDP, they saw inventions designed specifically for disabled persons, as well as a 3D printer and a few of its finished products. Among these were a microscope slide of a butterfly and a clay pen case.
     Are you curious about your personal future development? Do you want to fully display your capabilities in your own career? Just pay close attention to campus activities held by the Career Development Association (CDA).
Written by 刁励玮 (Doris Diao)
Edited by Megan Mancenido