STL Student Union Throws Annual Halloween Celebration on Beida Lawn
datetime:2015-11-03 11:56:53

     The annual Halloween party did not disappoint. Organized by the of School of Transnational Law (STL) Student Union on Friday, October 30th, the party was a hit with the students from all over the world. The party started at 7:00 PM on the BeiDa Lawn near the Dormitory 5, and went on till after 11:00 PM. It was such a hit with many of the foreign students that they didn’t want to let it end.
     The party kicked off with a couple of performances from BeiDa students in the amphitheater. They danced, sang, and acted, all the while raising the party spirit. Throughout the night there were several games organized by the party hosts, appropriate for all ages. Participants included children, students and even professors. On the other end of the scale, those more daring could compete in friendly beerpong games, integrating Western student culture into the party. Moreover, those who felt like ‘getting jiggy with it’ and testing their dancing skills, there was a dance floor and a DJ at the other end of the venue. PHBS first-year student, Karras Lambert, served as the night’s DJ and provided a beat that got everyone who walked by to test their moves. Although the event was held outdoors, DJ Karras absolutely ‘raised the roof’.  Moreover, the lawn’s atmosphere was completed by a shaokao vendor, a bar, and even a creative photobooth setup.
     Many people showed up in costumes, though there was even a ‘Make Up’ stand for those that needed to get into the Halloween spirit. Costumes included super heroes like Spiderman, Iron Man, baby Superman, and other costumes such as a living Banksy painting, an 80s chick, a leopard, and multiple zombies that seem to come alive only for the party!
    The event was a success in combining Chinese and American culture, thereby integrating the mixed student community of PKUSZ. It was a little bit of home for many foreign students and a little taste of culture abroad for the local students. As an exchange student myself, I was flattered that the STL students went through so much trouble to put on a Halloween party.

So, a message to the STL students: Please keep up the good work, as the good reputation of the party will go onto the following year!  Special thanks to the following event organizers and sponsors:
School of Transnational Law
STL Student Union
International Association
Campus Community Advisor Program
PKUSZ Student Affairs Office
Yinyuan Catering Company (寅源餐饮有限公司)
University Café
Cooking Fun HK Bistro
Tianxin Shaokao
University Analects (大学论语)

Written by Martin Kiss
Edited by Megan Mancenido