PHBS Operations Management Putting Theory Into Practice
datetime:2016-10-26 09:27:04
    On Wednesday 19th of October, shortly after lunch time, Professor Yingjie Lan, together with the teaching assistant Jane and students of the two sessions of Operations Management of PHBS, went on a day trip to visit the company AngelChn, a manufacturer of water purifiers.

     The company visit started at the manufacturing center, where the students met Liu Wenge, a fresh graduate from the PHBS MBA program, who guided the tour by explaining in details all the company´s operations and patiently answering all the questions raised by the curious students group.

     After observing the activities involved in the production of the water purifying machines, the tour proceeded to AngelChn’s headquarters, where students met the staff working in the offices and saw some samples of final products.

     Around 19 in the afternoon, to close out the event, the professor, the teaching assistant and the students all had dinner together and discussed the teachings of the day.

     The project will conclude next week when, after a detailed analysis of the company´s activities and processes, the students will write a report and a hold a presentation focused on an operations management issue that will improve AngelChn´s already good performance.

     Despite the four hours of bus transport, the students agreed that this company visit was indeed a great opportunity to put learning into practice. This event also shows the great effort of PHBS professors in enhancing learning by integrating theory and practice and reminds students that learning does not just happen while reading books and memorizing facts but also by applying knowledge to concrete situations and issues.

Reported by Sofia Zamengo