Campus Advisor Program Talks Travel in China with Internationals
datetime:2016-03-28 15:45:57

     On the evening of March 24th, a vast majority of this semester's exchange students gathered in C-104 for the Campus Community Advisor Program's China Travel Guide event. As new students and upperclassmen alike enjoyed pizza, drinks, and other snacks, each Campus Advisor ("CA") gave a brief presentation on a certain region, city, or province that they recommended students to go and tour. Within these presentations came personal photos and experiences of each CA's time there, as well as helpful tips of what to do, see, and eat while touring. 

     Among the places presented on were Guangzhou, Chongqing, Xi'an, Hainan, Ningxia, Taiwan district, and Jilin province. Each presentation shined a light on cities or regions that are largely overlooked by foreigners visiting the PRC for the first time. Hopefully with the helpful tips and travel ideas, our PKU Shenzhen international student population will get to see parts of China that are relatively unknown to your average tourist.

     The Campus Community Advisor Program was created to ease the adjustment to both campus life and life in China for Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School's international student population. It consists of eight carefully selected local students to help with issues of cultural adjustment, language barriers, and campus integration, among other things. PKU Shenzhen students interested in learning more about joining the program can contact the International Affairs Manager at 

Reported by Megan Mancenido
Photos by Alexandra Hesse