Sino-Russian Universities Presidents Forum held successfully with the support from Nanyan volunteers
datetime:2017-09-18 13:54:01
The Sino-Russian Comprehensive University Alliance Conference and Sino-Russian Universities Presidents’ Forum were held in Shenzhen on September 13, 2017. This two-part event was supported by the Chinese Ministry of Education, jointly hosted by Peking University and Moscow State University and co-organized by the Guangdong Education Department and Shenzhen Education Bureau. It was one of the supporting activities and exchange results of the Sino-Russian cultural exchange mechanism. PKU Shenzhen’s own Chancellor Wu Yundong, Vice President Xu Xinzhong, and Deputy Secretary An Xiaopeng were all in attendance.

Under the organization and coordination of the PKU International Cooperation Department, many departments of Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School worked cooperatively to provide support needed for the smooth execution of the event. Members of the PKUSZ Art Troupe (also called the Nanyan Art Troupe) and student volunteers brought wonderful performances and attentive venue services to the forum, which became the highlight of the entire evening.

It is reported that in order to assist the successful convening of this meeting, the PKUSZ Youth League was responsible for the recruitment of student volunteers. After a campus-wide open selection process, a total of 18 student volunteers were selected, including two Russian students. After a full day’s pre-session training and guidance on the 11th, student volunteers engaged themselves in intense work for the airport pick-up, on-site attendance, traffic guidance, media guidance and venue services on September 12 and 13. They accomplished their tasks perfectly. Volunteers dressed in red PKU T-shirts became the highlight of the conference and received high praise from guests. During the luncheon session on the 13th, the PKUSZ Art Troupe performed their dances entitled Mulan, Flowers on Brocade and the chorus Baikal Lake for both Chinese and Russian guests at the Pavilion Hotel.

Reported by Wang Kejia
Translated by Chen Zihan
Edited by Megan Mancenido