Fourth PILF Public Legal Auction
datetime:2018-06-28 15:11:57

PILF is the only public law welfare development association established by law students in China. PILF holds a public auction every year, and this year June 8 marked their fourth session. The most original and entertaining aspect of this particular auction is that the items come from students and faculty inside the School of Transnational Law, as well as some donations from people outside the school.

The proceeds from the donations are used to fund law school students to take part in public interest legal practice. To date, PILF has funded 14 students to travel to four countries for public interest law internships through funds raised through charity auctions.
The silent auction event began at 7:00 in the lobby of STL. Everyone started the night by browsing the offers on the second floor of the law school. Small unexpected creative items, such as visiting a gay-friendly bar with Beth and Eva and delicious rabbit meat, are displayed in the exhibition area. Participants simply fill out their bid and contact details and then have the opportunity to possibly win the item. 

The auction party officially started at 8pm, but the Nanyan Dance Crew was the true party starters with their stunning Hip-hop dance performance. Chen Keru, Assistant Dean of Peking University School of Transnational Law then made a speech. The most romantic item on the list was a visit to Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong on a luxury cruise ship. Another popular item was the chance to spend an afternoon with John Aycock, Director of the School of Transnational Law’s Graduate and International Programs, and his cute little son Ethan, a campus celebrity.

The evening also held lucky draws after each round of live auctions and people could win film tickets or Mi bands with PILF tote bags and T-shirts. Over the course of the night, people enjoyed several wonderful performances between the auctioning off of different items. Beijiaer hupan was sung by Xi Jiangyang, who comes from TBSI and Hu Yingxuan performed for people as well. At the end of the evening, the hosts announced the winners of the silent auction. The event was a great success, and everyone had a wonderful evening while helping the STL community as well.

Written by Kathy Ding