School of Urban Planning & Design
The School of Urban Planning and Design (SUPD) engages Peking University's multi-disciplinary team with the best practices of the Great-Pearl River Delta's rapid urbanization. SUPD, founded in 2009, aspires to address emerging urbanization issues in the context of global change, thus leading and promoting efforts to advance urbanization research in China. SUPD is positioned as an important growth engine in the study of Urban and Rural Coordinated Development.
The school offers two professional MS programs in Geography: Urban and Regional Planning; and landscape design. It also has two PhD programs: Physical Geography and Human Geography. As of nowArial,Helvetica: Physical Geography and Human G//pi7p/an iphy.0e dsial,H 2ontent"> is twl Urban ai and Handnnip/an iphy.0e dsial,H 290 fdmistions dsial,l oro_Evdegional Planning; and l cha hont&issish ts&sz.ddress emeKeyiesb0e s&cage,rraphy aHabicn/n Pool of Urb &sz.; Tol of Env,n Pool of Ur nd HTol of Env:rch iesb0e s&cag SUBapdsial,H ned eiesb0e s&cag SUApUPDy: Ec_blanknd Hd eiDigicnin Gradesb0e s&caH scape deysical Gee/Athlet Keyiesb0e s&cag SUCircup:/ Ec_nomy;ed eiesArial,HeEc_blank&sz.; Digicnin Gradleal CoorCialer;ed eiesAr Ec_nomyhy.0e z.ean leal CoorCialer;ed eiEc_blapi7plea.0e ions/nd Humarning lecotiosionaWtorddrleal CoorCialer;ed eiz/">Wraphy aes of tleal CoorCialer;ed eifac-HactHon Kon & ge,rrd eicGradsSctle">Scspan s "fon yle"mainmenu""mapkusz. 获取一级栏目=inde和它的图像uanielvetile="">Hcialerxt/"tex="back sc th:uan(html"> //">Peking PKUpus Li="foooooo a> 第二级栏目,先对存在子栏目的做跳转处理ielvetiloooo html"> // /">Fast Facts nt-f 单eking于第三级ielvetiloooooooooo oooooooo oooooooo ooooooo"fooooooooooo"foooooo a> 第二级栏目,先对存在子栏目的做跳转处理ielvetiloooo html"> // /About/history/">History nt-f 单eking于第三级ielvetiloooooooooo oooooooo oooooooo ooooooo"fooooooooooo"foooooo a> 第二级栏目,先对存在子栏目的做跳转处理ielvetiloooo html"> // /ists&catid=146">Academic Schools 第二级栏目,先对存在子栏目的做跳转处理ielvetilooooooooo
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