Fast Facts

Student Body (as of Spring 2016)

Number of International Exchange Students: 45

Number of Master’s students: 2899
Number of PhD students: 236

Number of graduating students in 2016: 891
Graduating doctoral degree students: 45
Graduating master's degree students: 846
Graduating international students: 35

Number of exchange programs with overseas universities: 113


Full time faculty: 198
Full time international faculty members: 61


Accumulated Research Revenue: RMB 769.25 Million (last 5 years)
Scientific papers published: 2170 (last 5 years)
Research Platforms: 36
Jointly established research centers: 4


Our campus occupies a total area of 212,800 square meters. Area of complete construction is 174,100 square meters, with 8,900 square meters still under construction (School of Transnational Law Building).