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Sending and Receiving Mail
Copying and Printing
Sending and Receiving Mail On Campus

There is a student mailroom in the first floor of Dormitory 4. International packages by regular mail should be received here. Domestic packages are received by the convenience stores. You can collect your packages by presenting your student ID. Private companies (such as amazon, taobao, nogogo) will deliver directly to you.

Your School Mailing Address:
Your Name
Class Year
School (Ex. HSBC Business School, School of Transnational Law)
No. 2199 Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School
University Town, Xili
Nanshan District, Shenzhen, P.R. China 518055
International Mail Carriers
Fed Ex Carrier
Service Hotline: 800-988-1888
Service Hotline: 800-820-8388 / 400-820-8388
Service Hotline: 800-810-8000
Service Hotline: 1185

Note: Due to the construction of the new metro line, a section of Lishui Road (between the zoo and Tsing Hua University) has been closed indefinitely. This means the 43 bus and the 237 bus no longer come to the Peking University and Chunyuan Crossing Stops. The B736 still comes to both stops (on the University Town side of the road) and goes to Pingshan Village and Xili Town. You can get off at University South Gate Stop and transfer to 43 bus. The 43 bus still runs to Window of the World. Alternatively, you can walk to University South Gate (outside of HIT) and take the 43 bus to Window of the World.The city also has also added a new 43 bus stop near Tanglang Village. You can find more information on the changes of the bus route here

Post Offices
China Post Tanglang Agency
To go there:Xinyi First Road in Tanglang Village. Take bus B736 to (美康百货) Meikang Supermarket. Walk past the Meikang Supermarket and take a left on Xinyi First Road.
Tel.: 2655 4211Tel.: 2655 4211

China Post Jiu Xiangling Agency
Caution: The post office may tell you they can only send international mail through insured mail. This is not true; it also has a standard international mail service (about 20 RMB for an international letter).
To go there: Take bus B736 to Xili Labor Market, then take the first street on your right (Nantian Road) and walk for 4 minutes.
Tel: 86151354
New Students will have free access to the Internet during the first two weeks of the new semester. Their user name will be their student ID. The subscriptions for the Internet service are made at the University Town Internet Information Center on the day of registration.
Note: the authentication system differs in for cable internet and wireless.  The wireless internet covers all of University Town campus. For cable internet, use the 802.11 connection and for wireless use the portal connection.  To use the cable internet, it is best to download inode software. You can download the inode software at the University Town login page. For directions for installing inode software on your computer, click here.
Internet Information Center (University Town): 8886 0605
PKU Shenzhen Information & Internet Office: 2603 5370
Copying and Printing
There are two private copying and printing companies on PKU Shenzhen campus. They will print your thesis, your paper or your project in a few minutes at a very competitive price. Please try to plan in advance, as they are often pressured with last-minutes requests that may delay yours.
Location and contact:
First Floor of Dormitory 2 – 2603 2989 
First floor of Building D - 2603 2796