Education Administration Office
Duties include:
  1. Student enrollment and registration
  2. Summer camp (Chinese students)
  3. Academic discipline 
  4. Classrooms management
  5. Organization of examinations
  6. Thesis application and defense, degrees
  7. Administration of PKU Online Information System ( for PKUSZ students: registration of new courses, registration of students' course selection
  8. Courses and teacher evaluations
  9. Applications for scholarships
  10. Publication of student transcripts
  11. Publication of official documents (certificate of studies, diploma)
  12. Government-sponsored overseas studies for Chinese students
  13. International academic exchanges
  14. International student visa application (JW201/202) and admission notice
  15. International student registration and orientation
  16. Publication of International Student Handbook 
The General Education Office duties include: 
  1. Politics, morals, and English class for Chinese students
  2. Chinese course for international students and faculty members
  3. Extracurricular activities
  4. Academic quality developement
  5. General Education Research Center
  6. Military boot camp (for Chinese students at the HSBC Business School)

Contact us: Tel: (+86) 755 2603 2263
Office location: H-103