Overview and Programs
Peking University Shenzhen is a research driven campus of Peking University and we are proud of the achievements of our graduate students. PKU Shenzhen programs are among the best in China.

The cornerstone of our graduate programs is our focus on applied interdisciplinary research and finding solutions to real world problems. PKU Shenzhen houses some of the most sophisticated research facilities in engineering, computer science, urban planning, genomics and finance and is thus an ideal place for your graduate education. By studying at PKU Shenzhen, students become a part of a young and dynamic graduate school backed and nurtured by an ancient revered university.

Currently, two of our schools offer Masters and Doctoral programs in English, namely the HSBC Business School and the School of Transnational Law.

HSBC Business School
Master's Programs
The HSBC currently offers three full time master’s degree programs to international students providing specialist professional or research oriented training in Economics, Management and Finance.

1. Master of Economics
2. Master of Economics with a Concentration in Quantitative Finance
3. Master of Management

All these three programs are coursework and research based programs culminating in a thesis defense. The coursework for them can be covered in one year with 36 credits required for graduation. These business school houses one of the best faculty team in China as well as Asia with all faculty members holding Ph.D.’s from the best business schools all over the world.
For more information on applying to the HSBC Business School,  please click here.

PhD. in Economics
The HSBC Business School offers a three year full-time doctoral program in Economics. Currently this program is open to master’s students enrolled at PHBS’s Economics program. Usually two students are admitted to this program every year following an extremely rigorous selection process.

School of Transnational Law
The School of Transnational Law offers a four year graduate program where students receive a Juris Doctor in American Law and a Juris Master in Chinese Law. STL’s English language J.D. program is the first of its kind in Mainland China. International students have an option of graduating with a Juris Doctor degree after three years of full time study with an elective forth year, a survey in Chinese Law, taught in Mandarin Chinese. For more information on applying to this program at the School of Transnational Law, please click here.

Beginning in 2015, the School of Transnational Law now offers a Master of Laws ("LL.M.") program that is rich in courses emphasizing transnational law and practice, Chinese law and legal traditions, and cutting-edge courses designed to equip STL graduates of all nationalities for leadership in the 21st century. LL.M. graduates will gain deep knowledge and understanding of Chinese and Western law and legal traditions as well as the praitcal skills necessary for cross-cultural success. LL.M. graduates from PKU STL will go on to distinguished career in private sector, public sector, public interest legal work, and legal academic around the world. For more information on apply to STL's LL.M. program, please click here.

Philip McConnaughay, the former Dean of Pennsylvania State University School of Law and Pennsylvania State University School of International Affairs is the present dean of the School of Transnational Law.