PKU Shenzhen Triumph at PKU Track and Field Competition in Beijing
datetime:2012-05-10 10:45:41

On April 21st, the 19th Track and Field Competition of Peking University drew a successful close in Beijing. The team of PKU Shenzhen Graduate School won the first place with a new record of 367 scores, which was much higher than the second place team. Our team consisted of 30 athletes from all the 7 schools of PKU Shenzhen, four of whom were foreign students. Altogether, they won 10 competitions, 7 runner-ups and 8 second runner-ups.

As early as one month before the event, the athletes had started training. They practiced six days a week, but no one complained about the hard and frequent practice. When they finally took part in the games, they all tried their best to win and get as many points as possible for the team. In addition, they did pretty well working as a team. They cheered each other on and helped each other whenever it was possible. So, they well deserved to win the competition.

In addition, our team also stood out in the opening ceremony and left a strong impression on the audience. Our parade consisted of all the athletes, foreign teachers, foreign students and future first years, who had been admitted to PKU Shenzhen and would begin their study in the next school year. The first years all dressed in orange suits and cool black boots, with colorful umbrellas in their hands. They changed their formation from rainbow to flowers, through which they displayed the colorful life of PKU Shenzhen to the leaders and other teams.

Written by Miao Miao
Edited by Gretta Herrin