PKU Appoints Professor Chen Shiyi as PKU Shenzhen Chancellor
datetime:2013-11-13 14:35:39
On November 7, a faculty meeting of Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School was held to announce the appointment of the new chancellor of PKU Shenzhen. Zhu Shanlu, the Party Secretary of Peking University, delivered the opening remarks and the meeting was held by Bai Zhiqiang, the Deputy Secretary of Peking University and Party Secretary of PKU Shenzhen. Peking University approved a request for resignation by former Chancellor Hai Wen and confirmed the appointment of Chen Shiyi as the Chancellor of PKU Shenzhen. Hai Wen was also appointed as the Deputy Director of Peking University Administrative Affairs Committee.

Zhu Shanlu, the Party Secretary of Peking University, began the meeting by giving opening remarks on the progress of PKU Shenzhen. Zhu spoke highly of the achievements of PKU Shenzhen under the leadership of Professor Hai Wen during the past five years. He stated that PKU Shenzhen established academic disciplines with prominent features and international teaching methods clearly have been proven to have an advantage. In addition, a new model for Peking University to serve the local economic and social development has been explored and PKU Shenzhen had been able to attract high-level faculty and professionals. Zhu expressed that PKU Shenzhen had played a significant role in Peking University’s overall development strategy. It is an integral part of Peking University and an important platform for Peking University to improve its international teaching standards, develop new frontiers, develop interdisciplinary studies, cultivate top level research and serve Pearl River Delta and southern China in its economic and social development. PKU Shenzhen has also served as an important “experimental field” in the national higher education reform.

The 12th Congress of the Party Representatives of Peking University has also further set out the future school management direction of PKU Shenzhen. PKU Shenzhen should aim to “establish itself as an important asset for the city of Shenzhen to further reform and open up, contribute to its development as an international city, and establish an important base to attract high-level talents.” PKU Shenzhen should seize the opportunities of national higher education reform, create a top-tier university, contribute to Shenzhen’s new higher education system, and accelerate the promotion of the overall development of Peking University in Shenzhen. To achieve this, it is required to have a deep understanding of the new requirements to build Peking University into the world-class university and accelerate internationalization. It is also required to grasp the strategic location of Shenzhen and take full advantage of the special economic zone and the environment of innovation and academic exploration. By doing this, it is possible for PKU Shenzhen to make a great contribution to higher education, and the economic and social development in Shenzhen, Guangdong and southern China.

During the meeting, Professor Hai Wen expressed his strong support of the decision made by the University’s Party Committee. He also expressed his sincere gratitude to the leaders of Peking University and PKU Shenzhen and the contributions made by all faculty and staff. Professor Hai Wen summarized the achievements made by the reform and development of PKU Shenzhen and the steps made towards the internationalization, as well as the opportunities and challenges faced by PKU Shenzhen. Professor Hai Wen stated that, Professor Chen Shiyi, the new PKU Shenzhen Chancellor had wide word view and rich experiences, and he believed that, under the leadership of Chancellor Chen Shiyi, the relationships between PKU Shenzhen and the main campus of Peking University as well as city of Shenzhen would be strengthened. The goals of the Party Representative Congress of the University would be carried out, the resources of Peking University would be integrated and Chen Shiyi would truly build PKU Shenzhen into an integral part of Peking University. He firmly believed that, under the leadership of Chancellor Chen Shiyi, all faculty and staff could adhere to opening-up, continue develop and be an innovative campus, and continue efforts to build PKU Shenzhen into the world-class international campus.

Newly appointed Chancellor Chen Shiyi expressed his gratitude for the trust and support from the University’s Party Committee, the years of hard pioneering efforts of Professor Hai Wen and all the leaders of the PKU Shenzhen, as well as the support and encouragement from faculty and students. PKU Shenzhen stands out as a pioneer by setting up a satellite campus, forming unique school management and establishing the school polices “new frontiers, interdisciplinary studies, applied research and international standards” as well as adhering to PKU’s standards of “expert knowledge, comprehensive quality, international vision and social responsibility.” Chancellor Chen Shiyi pledged that as chancellor he would further improve the quality of teaching, further develop interdisciplinary studies, reach new frontiers in research, promote and expand PKU Shenzhen’s influence at home and abroad. Chancellor Chen Shiyi also expressed that he would, along with all the faculty members and students, under the strong leadership of the University’s Party Committee and implementing the strategies set by Peking University, that he strives to lead PKU Shenzhen to reform, innovation and development while making significant contributions to Shenzhen’s higher education policies and building a top tier graduate school.

Translated by Xu Caiwei
Edited by Gretta Herrin