PKU Shenzhen Holds Annual Night On Mirror Lake Garden Party for Students
datetime:2015-12-28 11:13:27
     On the afternoon of December 25th, Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School organized a “Garden Party” to help ring in the New Year. With more than ten different stalls (tents) setup by PKUSZ’s individual colleges, Mirror Lake was alive with holiday excitement. Each stall offered unique games followed by various gifts. Visitors could use their event ticket to collect 6 stamps from different tents to be entered to a grand raffle. From sweets to iPhone accessories to stuffed toys and LED lights, everyone and anyone who became a part of the night’s festivities was a winner.

    Visitors enjoyed themselves while eating caramel popcorn, ice cream cake, ice cream, sweet potatoes, etc. The various games offered at the tents attracted most of the crowds who stood in queues for hours for their turn. During the party PKUSZ’s Chancellor Hai and professors from different schools also visited the stalls and applauded students in successfully organizing such an exuberant event which brought smiles to everyone’s face.

     Although for some international students celebrating Christmas away from home is a very somber experience, they thoroughly enjoyed themselves at the Garden Party which provided a very positive experience and raised their morale. The Garden Party ended with a parade procession of costumed PKUers that led to the night’s performances on the grand stage.
Reported by Fayeza Yahya
Edited by Megan Mancenido