Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration Held by STL
datetime:2015-09-29 11:16:23
The Mid-Autumn Festival, which is calculated by lunar month, is one of the major traditional festivals in China. It is a fantastic time for family members to gather together and to enjoy the glorious full moon while sharing moon cakes. Students in STL came up with the idea to make dumplings, another kind of traditional Chinese food together, to celebrate the Mid-autumn Festival on September 28th. International students also joined the big community, majority of which come from 1L, and had great fun.
Mid-autumn is a festival which is supposed to spend with family members, since most students are not from Guangdong province, making the dumplings together help them solve the home-sick problem, meanwhile , provide a wonderful opportunity to international students to get involved into deeper Chinese cultures . After several singing and dancing performances, students also played several games to liven up the atmosphere before they started to make dumplings. After that, some canteen staff who served as “dumpling tutors”, showed up to give advice on how to make high-quality dumplings. One student from Fujian province taught others to make dumplings with special Fujian style which elaborate the diversity of local cultures.

“Rise bright moon at the sea, the limits of the earth is totally at this time” is a famous Chinese verse by poet Zhang Jiuling in Tang dynasty. The verse expressed the essential spirit of the festival. We all shared the beautiful full moon on Sunday and I hope the moon can help us convey our love to our family members and friends.

Written by Lin Shen
Photos by Fan Fu-mei