Yoga and Creative Movement Session Held by 4C Forum
datetime:2015-10-19 15:11:58

     October not just witnesses numerous quizzes and midterms at PKUSZ, but also brings around some chilly winds, beautiful weather and yes, some amazing creative and fun activities for students to relax themselves and experience the lighter side of campus life.

     This year on October 18th, Priscilla Young a prominent faculty member of PHBS (and creator of the 4C forum which stands for Communication, Creativity, Culture and Critical thinking) organized a one day Yoga and Creative Movement session with her friend and Yoga instructor April, who gave an introduction about Yoga and some of it simple Asans (Postures).

     The two hour session was attended by both students and some professionals who wanted to take advantage of this Centuries old relaxing exercise. The yoga instructor showed some simple and very basic postures which everyone from young to old can perform without any problem. These daily life basic postures not just help relax a person, but also play a pivotal role in improving one’s health and brings positivity in life.

     The main aim of the session was to give some basic knowledge of Yoga and make people more aware of this wonderful healing exercise and technique. The Yoga session soon ended with the end of the first half of the session, which was followed by the creative movement session. At this point Priscilla Young asked the participants to express themselves through their body only. She emphasized the participants to be aware of their body and express different moods through walk, dance and exercise.

     The session concluded at a very positive note where everyone felt rejuvenated and expressed themselves in their own style with different body movements. The whole two hour session was a worth attending one and made a positive impact on the participants, which are looking forward towards PKUSZ to organize some more events, such as this one.
Reported by Fayeza Yahya