Forms and Procedures
Forms and Procedures

Campus Card
Applying for a New Campus Card
Depositing Money on the Campus Card 

Student Acknowledgement & Insurance Provider Certification Form

Graduate Student Identification (Red Book)
Application for a new Student Card
Instructions for Filling in New Student Cards
Instructions for Graduate Students Filling In the Student Card Form

Transcripts and Degrees
Rules regarding printing transcripts and education certificate
Letter of Authorization of Graduate Students Receiving a Graduation Certificate and Degree Certificate

Taking Leave and Extension of Study
Leave of Absence Form
Procedures for Extending Learning Period in School
Leave of Absence Standard Operating Procedure
Handling School Withdrawal Procedures
Operating Procedures of Withdrawal from School Standard

Reserving a Classroom
Application for the use of classroom(students)
Procedure of classroom application(for faculty members)

Academic Procedures
Instructions for Handling Change of School/Major
Procedure of changing class in Peking university Shenzhen graduate school
Procedure of establish new courses in PKU Shenzhen graduate school
Workflow of Oral Defense Secretary for Master Students
In Regards to Handling Change of Advisor
In Regards to Handling Change of Research Direction
Procedures of Reporting Training Programs
Directions for the Workflow of Oral Defense Secretary for PhD Students
Workflow of Oral Defense for Doctor’s Degree Applicants
Workflow of Oral Defense for Master's Degree Applicants