Education Administration Office
Duties include:
  • Student enrollment and registration

  • Summer camp (Chinese students)

  • Academic discipline

  • Classrooms management

  • Organization of examinations

  • Thesis application and defense, degrees

  • Administration of PKU Online Information System ( for PKUSZ students: registration of new courses, registration of students' course selection

  • Courses and teacher evaluations

  • Applications for scholarships

  • Publication of student transcripts

  • Publication of official documents (certificate of studies, diploma)

  • Government-sponsored overseas studies for Chinese students

  • International academic exchanges

  • International student visa application (JW201/202) and admission notice

  • International student registration and orientation

  • Publication of International Student Handbook

The General Education Office duties include:
  • Politics, morals, and English class for Chinese students

  • Chinese course for international students and faculty members

  • Extracurricular activities

  • Academic quality developement

  • General Education Research Center

  • Military boot camp (for Chinese students at the HSBC Business School)

Contact us: Tel: (+86) 755 2603 2263
Office location: H-103