Financial Service Office
Duties include:
  • Preparing the school's budget, including day-to-day reimbursements, accounting, reviewing and recording financial activities, such as producing financial and tax reports and managing bank deposits and cash

  • Collecting and monitoring tuition and other fees of all full-time and part-time students, and submitting money to the financial account

  • Managing scientific research funds, including assisting the Scientific Research Office in managing the school's income from scientific research, project-based accounting of scientific research and assisting project heads in managing the scientific research expenses

  • Organizing a summary of all budgets and collecting data from all departments and schools and reporting the budgets to the school

  • Supervising the implementation of each departments' budget, reporting the budget to the heads of the school and guaranteeing the completeness of budgets

  • Preparing final yearly account statements and reporting to the Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Finance and the Financial Department of Peking University

  • Distributing salaries of staff and students' financial aid, including wages and subsidies to staff and faculty, distributing the submission of dorm rent, personal income taxes and social insurance on behalf of staff.

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