Financing your Education Abroad


School-Sponsored Scholarships

PKU Shenzhen strives to make a graduate education affordable for all students. There are several options for international students to receive financial assistance. Both the School of Transnational Law and the HSBC Business School offer academic scholarships for outstanding students.

For more information on school-sponsored scholarships please visit the following pages or contact your school.

Information on PHBS scholarships
Information on STL scholarships please email, Cole Agar (, Director of Graduate and International Programs

Chinese Government Scholarship

In addition to school sponsored scholarships, international students are encouraged to apply for the Chinese Government Scholarship (CSC). CSC Scholarships are awarded to international students who are pursing higher education in Mainland China. The CSC Scholarships will not cover the full tuition of the HSBC Business School or the School of Transnational Law, but the grant covers a large portion of the tuition costs and offers a monthly living stipend.  For more information on eligibility and requirements, please visit the CSC’s website.

Peking University Scholarship

PKU distributes the scholarship awards for Academic Excellence to its outstanding international students. The purpose of this scholarship awards is to encourage its students to strive to achieve academic excellence. All international students who excel in their studies have the opportunity to receive this award.

Selection Process:
Mid-September: submission of recommendations by the candidate’s departments
Mid-October: The Scholarship Selection Committee selects the scholarship recipients by evaluating the candidates’ references and recommendations that have been provided by their programs’ departments. The list of selected candidates will be reported to the university’s president for the final approval.
Mid-November: the Scholarships are officially announced and granted to students.

Other Scholarship Opportunities
During your studies at PKU Shenzhen, the Education Administration Office will provide you with information on new scholarship opportunities. This past year, a scholarship was offered by the Shenzhen Universiade International Scholarship Foundation.

School Internships

Your student visa doesn’t permit you to be employed in China, whether full or part-time job or an internship. You can, however, apply to work on campus. The jobs available on campus are working as a student reporter for the school newspaper, research assistant, teaching assistant or having an internship in an administrative office.