How to Prepare for Culture Shock?

Culture shock can be an unexpected issue when living in a foreign country. Most foreigners do experience a degree of culture shock even if they don’t realize it. If you are familiar with the stages of culture shock, you will be better prepared on how to cope with adapting to a new culture.  Living China especially can pose new challenges even for seasoned travelers. The four stages of culture shock that you may experience: the honeymoon stage of initial euphoria, withdrawal and irritability, adjustment phase, and finally adaption and acceptance. For more information and tips on coping with culture shock visit:

Beginning to prepare for culture shock before can ease your transition in adapting to a new culture.  The more research you do before your arrival, the easier the transition will be. We encourage you to start learning Chinese, keeping up to date on Chinese news and reading books and watching movies about China.

Overcoming culture shock (article)