Visa and Entry
Visa and Entry Process for Full-Time Students
Before you arrive to PKU Shenzhen, you will need to apply for a visa from your home country. Full-time students are required to apply for an X (student) visa.  To apply for a visa, you need to apply through the local Chinese Consulate in your home country. In June before your arrival, you will receive a hard copy of your admission notification and a JW202 form from the school. These documents will be used to apply for your X visa. We recommend that you start the application process as soon as you receive these documents as the process can be lengthy, depending on your nationality. However, please be sure to enter China before the expiration date of your visa. The visa application form and instructions can be downloaded from the Chinese Consulate’s website in your home country.

Please keep in mind that regulations often vary by country, and your country may require additional forms and procedures. For example, some countries require a health check to apply for an X visa. Even if you are required to undergo a health check at home, the Chinese government still requires that you have another health check at an official hospital once you arrive in China.  If you encounter any difficulties with your visa application, please contact your international coordinator your school or PKU Shenzhen.

Full-time degree seeking students and exchange students studying for over 180 days will apply for an X1 visa

Exchange students staying for less than 180 days will apply for an X2 visa.

Entering China
An X1 visa is a temporary single entry visa that is used to apply for a residence permit.  All full-time degree seeking students will apply for a residence permit. After entering Mainland China, your X1 visa is valid for 30 days.  Once you arrive, we will assist you in the residence permit application process (listed here (link)). The process for applying for a residence permit takes roughly two months and costs about 1000RMB (to be paid by the student). During this time, you will not able to leave Mainland China. Visiting Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan are all considered as leaving Mainland China. After you receive your residence permit, you can enter and leave China as many times as you wish.

X2 visa holders cannot apply for the residence permit.  This visa is also only valid for one entry into mainland China. Therefore, X2 visa holders can also not exit mainland China once they have entered, unless they have applied for extra entries. Most exchange students do decide to engage in travel to Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macua or international destinations. In order to engage in this sort of travel, an X2 visa holder must apply for an extra entry.This can only be done once you have arrived in China to begin your studies.

In addition, we ask that you do not enter China ahead of the announced arrival date for international students. As stated above, the residence permit application process requires many steps that must be completed within the 30 day time limit. If you do need to arrive to China before the arrival date, please contact your international coordinator at your school or PKU Shenzhen.

Applying for Your Resident Permit (X1 visa holder only)
The residence permit application process includes a health check and a public security bureau interview.  Due to the new Exit-Entry Administration Law, the application process takes approximately two months. During this time you will be without your passport and unable to leave Mainland China. You will be assisted throughout this process, but if, as a student, you arrive after the orientation arrival dates then there may be portions you must do yourself.

1. Register with the local police bureau. The school will register your passport at the local police bureau on your behalf upon your arrival at PKU Shenzhen. You will need to submit 2 passport sized photos, please come prepared with these two photos. All students must also complete the WeChat police registration (information included in welcome bag)

2. Take an official ID photo with an authorized receipt. The school will assist you in obtaining the official ID picture. If you attend the registration day, there is a photographer arranged to take the photos free of charge. If you miss this opportunity, photos can be taken at official locations off-campus for around 30RMB.  This photo is valid for one month and will be used to apply for your residence permit.

2. Obtain a health certificate issued by the Shenzhen International Travel Healthcare Hospital. The school will accompany you to the hospital for your health check. The health check is required even if you completed a similar health check in your home country for your visa application. The health check includes a blood test, urine sample and X-Ray and costs approximately 500RMB (subject to change; cost to be paid by the student). You will need to bring your passport, 500RMB in cash (credit or debit cards are not accepted) and two photos which you will receive in step 2.  It takes about one week to receive the results of the health check.

3. Submit application for a resident permit. All students must apply in person at the Shenzhen Public Security Bureau for their resident permits. Students are required to submit their passports, health certificate, official ID picture, residence application form, admission notification, JW202 form, and an official letter from PKU Shenzhen stating the duration of your studies. The cost of a residence permit for less than one year is 400RMB (cost to be paid by the student). The application processing time after submitting all necessary forms takes approximately 3 weeks (longer if there are government holidays during that time period), for which you will be without your passport.

Procedure Time Documents Needed Cost *
Registration with the local police station On your arrival (within 24 hours) Two passport photos, passport
Official Photo ID Within the first week
Health Check Within the first week, receive certificate one week after health check Two passport photos, passport 500RMB
Within the second week Official Photo ID, passport

Residence Permit Application Submission Submission is within the third week, receive residence permit 3 weeks after the date of submission Official Photo ID, passport, JW202 form, official letter from PKU Shenzhen, admission notification, interview documents, health certificate, application form 400RMB
*All fees can be paid by WeChat or in cash (in RMB). Foreign credit and debit cards are not accepted.