Cultural Sites and Museums

Note:Due to the construction of the new metro line, a section of Lishui Road (between the zoo and Tsing Hua University) has been closed indefinitely. This means the 43 bus and the 237 bus no longer come to the Peking University and Chunyuan Crossing Stops. The B736 still comes to both stops (on the University Town side of the road) and goes to Pingshan Village and Xili Town. You can get off at University SouthGate Stop and transfer to 43 bus. The 43 bus still runs to Window of the World. Alternatively, you can walk to University South Gate (outside of HIT) and take the 43 bus to Window of the World.The city also has also added a new 43 bus stop near Tanglang Village. You can find more information on the changes of the bus route here.

OCT Loft Artist Area
This area hosts several independent modern art galleries. OCT Loft often hosts
avant gardeChinese and International artist’s exhibitions. The area also has coffee shops, book stores and artist shops.
To go there: Qiaocheng East Metro, Exit A. Walk west along Shennan Road and turn right at the first road you come to (En Ping Road). Walk about 5 minutes until you reach Starbucks.

Da Fen Oil Painting Village
This village is the world’s largest mass producer of oil paintings. Spend the day strolling through painting studios.
To go there: Da Fen Metro Stop on Longgang Line, Exit A1. Walk north along Shenhui Highway. You will find the north entrance just past the Walmart on the left.

Nantou City (old Shenzhen)
Visit the ancient walled city of Nantou’s temples, houses and fortresses.
To go there: Bus 237 from campus to Tea Plant stop(茶光),transfer to bus 81 to Nantou stop (南头)

Diwang Tower of Shenzhen
It was the highest building in Shenzhen and has an observatory.
To go there: Near MixC at Grand Theater Metro

Hongfa Buddhist Temple
This very active temple is only about 100 years old, but it’s located at the foot of Wutong Mountain near the Botanical gardens.
To go there: From Yijing Metro station, take bus 103B towards Xiaomeisha one stop to Luohu Sports Stadium. Transfer to bus 382 towards Fairy Lake Botanical Garden to its terminus.  You must walk through the gardens to reach the temple.

Chiwan Tian Hou Temple
A temple dedicated to the Tian Hou (also called Mazu), goddess of the sea. Admission is 15 RMB. The Mazu museum is also next to the temple.
Address in Chinese:南山区蛇口赤湾六路9号
Address: Chiwan Sixth Road, Shekou, Nanshan District
To go there: Take the metro to Chiwan stop (terminus of the Shekou line). Walk west on Ganghang road. At the first intersection, head south on Chiwan 3rd road. At the following intersection, head west on Chiwan 6th  road until you reach the temple (about 15 minutes).

Shenzhen Exhibition Center
Shenzhen’s largest exhibition hall and a landmark of Shenzhen.
To go there: Convention and Exhibition Center Metro


He Xiangning Art Museum
Shenzhen’s only national modern art museum. There are frequently Chinese and International artists’ works on display. Free Entry.
To go there: Take Bus 66 from the zoo, He Xianning Art Museum Stop, or OCT Metro Stop.
Address in Chinese: 南山区深南大道9013号
Address: 9013 Shennan Avenue,  Nanshan District

Guanshanyue Art Museum
This museum hosts traditional Chinese ink paintings and holds regular visiting exhibits.
Address in Chinese:福田区红荔西路6026号
Address: 6026 Hongli West Road, Futian District
To go there: Take Bus 66 from the zoo, He Xianning Art Museum Stop, or OCT Metro

Shenzhen Museum
The Shenzhen Museum hosts jade, porcelain, bronzes and other ancient Chinese artifacts. There also is an exhibit on Shenzhen’s more recent history.  
Address in Chinese:福田区福中路市民中心A区
Address: Block A, Citizens’ Center, Fuzhong  Road, Futian District
To go there: Civic Center Metro Stop

Shenzhen Art Museum
Address in Chinese:罗湖区爱国路东湖公园内
Address: Inside the  East Lake Park, Aiguo Road, Luohu District
To go there: From Yijing Metro, take bus 372 towards Futian Traffic Center (福田交通枢纽)for two stops to Patriotic Building (爱国大厦).

Xibaolou Museum of Celadon
Museum of ancient Chinese porcelain.
Address in Chinese:罗湖区宝安南路2095号
Address: 2095 Baoan South Road, Luohu District
To go there: Take the metro to Grande Theater Stop, exit A. Walk east on Jie Fung Lu. At the first major intersection head north on Baoan South Road until you reach the museum (about 8 minutes).

Shenzhen Science and Technology Museum
Address in Chinese福田区上步中路1003号
Address: 1003 Shangbu Middle Road,  Futian District
To go there: Science Museum Metro

Shenzhen Paleontological Museum
Address in Chinese:盐田区仙湖植物园内
Address: Inside the Shenzhen Fairy Lake Botanical Garden, Yantian District
To go there: From Yijing, Bus 218 to Fairy Lake Botanical Gardens (仙湖植物园)