Parks and Mountains

Note:Due to the construction of the new metro line, a section of Lishui Road (between the zoo and Tsing Hua University) has been closed indefinitely. This means the 43 bus and the 237 bus no longer come to the Peking University and Chunyuan Crossing Stops. The B736 still comes to both stops (on the University Town side of the road) and goes to Pingshan Village and Xili Town. You can get off at University SouthGate Stop and transfer to 43 bus. The 43 bus still runs to Window of the World. Alternatively, you can walk to University South Gate (outside of HIT) and take the 43 bus to Window of the World.The city also has also added a new 43 bus stop near Tanglang Village. You can find more information on the changes of the bus route here.

Tanglang Mountain
Tanglang Mountain is directly to the east of campus. Climb to the top for a bird’s eye view of  PKU Shenzhen and University Town.
To go there: Take bus 43 to Xili Sports Park and transfer to a bus heading to Taoyuan Village (桃源村总站) Many buses stop at Taoyuan including 19, 334, 368, 606. From the bus stop, cross the road and walk north east on Longzhu 6th road (龙珠六路) until you reach the trail head.

Safari Park
Located right besides PKU Shenzhen, this zoo hosts over 300 species of animals, including pandas, Siberian tigers and Asian elephants. There are also four performance halls with regular shows.
To go there: Directly Across from PKU Shenzhen Campus, entrance is at the intersection of Lishui Road and Xili Road.

Lotus Hill Park
Large public park in the center of Shenzhen. Climb to the top of the hill where there is a statue of Shenzhen's founder, Deng Xiaoping for a view overlooking downtown Shenzhen.
To go there: Lianhua Cun Metro Stop for the North Gate Entrance and Children's Palace Metro for the South Gate Entrance

Nanshan Mountain
Located in Shekou, Nanshan Mountain overlooks the Shekou harbor and the New Territories of Hong Kong.  There are wonderful views on a clear day.
To go there: From the Seaworld Metro stop (exit D) in Shekou, walk south on Taizi Road. At the intersection (opposite bar street) turn left. Walk for 5 minutes until you come to Yanshan Road. Turn left and walk for about 15 minutes until you reach the trail head.

Mangrove Park and Birds Nature Reserve
Stroll along this seaside park filled with mangroves and palm trees.  
To go there: 20 minute walk from Qiaocheng East Metro, Exit C1. Walk south along Qiaocheng Road and continue through the pedestrian underpass of Bin Hai Highway. You will reach the park immediately after crossing the highway.

Wutong Mountain
Climb the highest mountain in Shenzhen. The hike offers a view of the Botanical Gardens and Hongfa Temple.
To go there: From Yijing Metro (Huanzhuang Line) take bus 113 two stops to Guangling and then take bus 335 three stops to Water Treatment Plant.

Fairy Lake Botanical Gardens
One of Shenzhen’s most scenic beautiful parks. The park is next to Hongfa Buddhist temple and Wutong Mountain
To go there: From Yijing Metro (Huanzhuang Line) take bus: 218, 220 to the garden gate (get off at Foreign Language School stop and walk up Xian Hu Rd to the main gate)