Shopping and Expatriate Areas

Shopping Malls
Expatriate Areas

Note:Due to the construction of the new metro line, a section of Lishui Road (between the zoo and Tsing Hua University) has been closed indefinitely. This means the 43 bus and the 237 bus no longer come to the Peking University and Chunyuan Crossing Stops. The B736 still comes to both stops (on the University Town side of the road) and goes to Pingshan Village and Xili Town. You can get off at University SouthGate Stop and transfer to 43 bus. The 43 bus still runs to Window of the World. Alternatively, you can walk to University South Gate (outside of HIT) and take the 43 bus to Window of the World.The city also has also added a new 43 bus stop near Tanglang Village. You can find more information on the changes of the bus route here.

Shopping Malls

Yitian Holiday Plaza
The shopping mall with international brands closest to the campus is Yitian Holiday Plaza, where you will find many international brands (including H&M, Mango, Zara, etc.), a movie theater, Starbucks, a skating rink and Ole supermarket filled of Western products, very popular among the expatriate community of Shenzhen.
To go there: Take bus 43 to its Terminus at Window of the World (about 30 minutes)
Address: Shennan road 9028, Nanshan district.
Address in Chinese:深圳市南山区深南大道9028号

SCP Plaza
A big shopping mall with international brands, a Jusco supermarket and a Sam’s Club (you must buy a member card) as well as many restaurants and bars and a movie theater.
Address in Chinese福田区农林路69号
Address:Intersection between Qiaoxiang Road and Nonglin Road, Futian District
To go there: Take bus 237 from Campus to Economic Crimes Reconnaissance Office Station (about 1 hour)

A luxury shopping mall in Luohu district. The mall contains international brands, western-style restaurants and international fast food chains as well as a supermarket with international foods. There is also an ice skating rink and a movie theater.
To get there: Take Luohu line to Grand Theater Metro.

Expatriate Areas

Shekou: Seaworld and Old Street
There is a large expat community located in Shekou and the area caters to foreigners. The Seaworld plaza has many foreign restaurants including, Indian, Mexican, Italian and French restaurants. It is also a popular area for nightlife, there are many bars and clubs located in Seaworld’s bar street. A short walk from Seaworld, you can find Shekou’s Old Street (老街). This street contains clothing and shoe shops for foreigners, quality tailors, massage and nail salons.
To go there: Seaworld: Take the Shekou line to Seaworld Metro. Shekou Old Street: Walk to Xinghua Street from Seaworld or take the metro to Shuiwan (水湾).

A large modern shopping mall with international stores (mostly luxury brands), western-style restaurants (Mexican, Italian, French, American, etc.) and bars and coffee shops as well as a large supermarket with some international products. COCO Park is very popular with the expat community and there is a popular bar street opposite the mall (across from Starbucks), just past the Futian Bus Station.
To go there: Take the metro to Shopping Park (购物公园). The metro stop is located at the basement level of the shopping mall.

Coastal City
Coastal City is a large and luxurious shopping mall in Nanshan District, near Shekou bridge to Hong Kong. It’s a huge complex with many good restaurants such as Tairyo, Thai, Italian, Shanghainese, etc. At the ground floor there is also a Jusco supermarket. Inside Coastal City, there is an ice skating rink and an international movie theater. The mall is located next to Shenzhen Poly Theater.
Address: Coastal City, 33 Wenxin Road 5, Nanshan District (next to Kempinski Hotel).
To go there: From Window of the World, take the Shekou line to Houhai Metro stop.

OCT Bay is an new development area for shopping, culture and dinning. Situated along Shenzhen’s coast and showcasing Chinese modern and traditional architecture, OCT Bay is a great place to spend an afternoon and enjoy the views. There is an IMAX cinema, a nightly light show over the bay, shopping and many higher end restaurants and coffee shops.  
To get there: From the Window of the World bus stop, take B603 to Whitehead Road East (one stop after Binhai Hospital)
Address:  OCT Bay, 8 East Baishi Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China
Address in Chinese: 中国深圳南山区白石东路8号欢乐海岸


Dongmen Shopping District
Dongmen is large district with many markets and shops selling inexpensive clothes, shoes, bags, jewelry, souvenirs and almost anything else you could imagine. Dongmen also has a large snack street. If you can put up with the crowds, it is an interesting place to spend the afternoon.
To go there: Take the metro to Laojie (老街) on the Louhu line. Follow the signs to Laojie Pedestrian Street (Exit A).  

Luohu Commercial City
Located on the border crossing between Shenzhen and Hong Kong, this is a shopping market filled with knock-off goods, DVDs and souvenirs. There is a fabric market and tailor shops on the 5th floor. This market caters to foreign tourists, so you can easily find larger sizes, however, the quality varies. Be prepared to test your bargaining skills!  
To go there: Take the Louhu line to its terminus, Luohu. Luohu Commercial City is directly across from the train station.


Western Electronics (Nanshan)
The main market for electronic products in Nanshan District.
Address in Chinese:南山区学府路103号
Address: 103 Xuefu Road, Nanshan District
To go there: take bus 43 or 237 at Beida station, and then change to bus 74 at Xili Hospital East to Nanshan Hospital East.

Shenzhen Electronics Group – SEG (Futian)
SEG is at the center of a big shopping area dedicated to electronic products.
Address in Chinese:福田区华强北路1002号
Address: 1002 Huaqiang North Road, Futian District
To go there: Take bus 43 to its terminal, Window of the World, then take the subway to Huaqiang Lu (exit D) and walk for about 7 minutes. Instead of the subway, you can also take bus 101 or 234 from Window of the World; they will bring you closer to SEG. 


Nanshan Book City
Address in Chinese:南山区南海大道2748号
Address: 2748 Nanhai Avenue, Nanshan District
To go there: take bus 226 at the zoo entrance (towards the South) to Haiya Mall Station (haiya baihuo)

Futian Book City
Main bookstore/music store in Shenzhen, located next to Shenzhen library.
To go there: take bus 237 (at the zoo entrance) to Lotus Mountain Station or bus 311 to Citizens’ Center West Station. You can also take the subway (from University Town Metro, Transfer at Shenzhen North to the Longhua Line) to Children’s Palace Station.