Campus Housing

International Student Housing
We recommend that students live on campus. Rooms are 16 square meters rooms, with a private bathroom and a balcony. The first floor of the dormitory has a laundry room with washing machines. Take a glimpse of our current international students’ dorm rooms here.
You may live off campus if you choose. The school doesn’t provide accommodation outside the campus and you will ultimately be responsible for negotiating your own housing. However, we can advise you and recommend areas in Shenzhen.

Accommodation fees must be paid in full before checking in to the Campus Service Center (next to the dormitory)..

Utilities are paid by pre-paid electricity and water cards that can be charged in the Campus Service Center. Depending on your personal habits, utilities are typically 200 RMB per month. Some students may find that they run through money more quickly due to extensive air conditioning use and long hot showers.

The students’ apartments are located in Buildings 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. On your arrival, you must check in at the Campus Service Center (Building K).
Tel.: 2603 5317

Faculty and staff apartments
The faculty and staff of the University Town have the option to live in government-sponsored apartments in Taoyuan Village, 8 kilometers from the campus. A shuttle bus makes the connection every day. To apply for an apartment, contact the General Affairs Office (Building H).
Tel.: 2603 5562

Accommodation around the campus
Vienna Hotel
Next to the south gate of University Town (across from the HIT University gate), on Pingshan First road.
Tel: 2672 3888
Shenzhen Golden Lily Hotel
In front of the zoo’s main entrance
Tel.: 2662 6666

Shenzhen Kylin Villa
Located on the north side of the campus, this complex of 5 villas surrounded by a beautiful park is both a luxury hotel and a reception place for officials of the CPC or Shenzhen local government..
Tel.: 2661 8888

Best hotels in Nanshan District
Seaview Hotel

Address: 3-5 Guangqiao Street, Overseas Chinese Town (In front of the Folk Culture Village).
Address in Chinese: 深圳南山区华侨城光侨街3-5号(民俗村文化对面)
Tel.: 2660 2222
Inter Continental Shenzhen

Address: 9009 Shennan Avenue, Overseas Chinese Town.
Address in Chinese:华侨城深南大道9026号
Tel.: 2693 6888
Crowne Plaza Hotel

Address: 9026 Shennan Avenue, Overseas Chinese Town.
Address in Chinese:华侨城深南大道9026号
Tel.: 2693 6888
Kampinski Hotel

Address: Houhaibin Road, Nanshan District.
Address in Chinese: 深圳南山区后海滨路
Tel.: 8888 8888