Campus Card
Functions of Your Campus Card
University Town Campus Card Center (Ping An Bank)
Applying for a New Campus Card
Depositing Money on your Campus Electronic Purse

Functions of Your Campus Card
Your campus card is issued by the University Town in partnership with Ping An Bank. Students will receive their campus cards during the first week of orientation. The card serves as your campus ID card and serves many functions:
-functions as a debit card. You can deposit money onto the card that can be withdrawn at ATMs and used for transactions at major stores and restaurants
-has separate built-in campus account that serves as an "electronic purse." You can put money onto this account to use at any University Town cafeteria, store or restaurant (except for NYPD Pizza and Subway). Note: This account is required to make purchases at the cafeteria. See instructions below for transferring money to this account.
-linked your campus internet account. Your internet fee automatically deducts from the electronic purse account.
-allows you to borrow books at the University Town Library
-allows you to enter you dormitory building. Your card will only allow access to your building.
-for scholarship students, your stipend will be wired to this account
-for staff, your salary will be wired to this account

University Town Campus Card Center (Ping An Bank)
Address: Campus Service Center at University Town Library, 1st floor at the South Wing (where Ping An Bank is), counter 12.
Opening hours: 8:30 am-12:00pm and 2:00-4:30 pm (From Monday to Friday)
Tel.:2603 3746

Applying for a New Campus Card
If you lose your campus card or it doesn’t seem to work please go to the University Town Card Campus Center at Ping An Bank to apply for a new card. You must bring your passport to reapply for a new campus card. Campus cards can normally be processed in two to three working days. In case of loss, call 961202 (Ping An Bank, service in English).

Depositing Money on your Campus Electronic Purse
You must first deposit money into the bank account via wire transfer or cash deposit at an Ping An cash deposit machine (there is one at the bank on campus). Afterward, there are campus card recharging machines on the first floor of H Building, the second floor of the cafeteria, outside the door of the first floor cafeteria, outside the Campus Service Office and on the first floor of dormitory three. You can use these machines to transfer money from your Ping An Bank account to your campus electronic purse. Your electronic purse can be used at the cafeteria, the convenience stores and the campus restaurants (except for Subway and NYPD).

1. Select English
2. Select “Transfer Service”
3. Select "Transfer to Campus Account"
4. Insert card and wait for beep
5. Enter debit PIN
6. Enter desired amount to be transferred to campus account from debit account, then hit enter
7. Confirm remaining amount in "卡钱包“
8. Processing screen: "交易正在进行中“, will automatically redirect to the next page
9. "操作成功“ means that your transaction was a success
10. Take your card