Cost of Life

Meal on campus: 8-25 RMB (or around 45 for a Western meal)
Meal in an average Chinese restaurant: 20-50 RMB
Fancier Chinese restaurant: 100-250 RMB (20 for a vegetable dish, 70 for meat)
Western meal: 60-250 RMB
Fast-food: 20-30 RMB
Chinese beer: 4 RMB (supermarket)
Beer/drink in an expat bar: 35/50 RMB
Taxi (20 Minutes): 30 RMB - 10 RMB for the first 2km, then 2 RMB per extra 2.4 km.
Subway ticket: 2-8 RMB
Public bus ticket: 2-5 RMB
Fridge: 500-600 RMB
Electric stove: 200 RMB
Mattress: 900-1,500 RMB

You can visit this website:
for more details about the cost of life - and many other topics! Notice: the data is from 2009-2010, since then China and especially Shenzhen has experienced a strong inflation.