Campus Dining Services

All the dining services are located next to the student apartments (Building K, in front of the lake).

Campus Dining Hall
Dining hours:
Breakfast:7:30-8:30 (2nd floor only)
Dinner:17:00-19:00 & 20:00-00:00 (First floor only)
All the dishes names are translated in English. You can use your campus card to pay or use cash to buy meal tickets. The dining hall regularly has a noodle bar, dumplings, soups, and many made-to-order Chinese dishes.

University Café
Dark wood, cozy atmosphere, comfortable couches with music, books and a stage for occasional performances. The menu is diversified and internationalized. Don’t miss the blended fruit juices.
Free Delivery Service: 2603 2179
Hours: Every day 10:00-22:30


Starbucks Coffee is located on the first floor of the PHBS Academic Building and provides a warm atmosphere for students to sit and relax after a day of classes, have group meetings or enjoy a weekend gathering.
Apart from their regular assortment of coffee and snacks, Starbucks regularly runs promotional offers like Happy Hours etc.
Opening Hours: 7:00 am to 9:30 pm
Happy Hours: 7:00 am to 10:00 am daily

Shang Shufang Restaurant
The newest addition to Peking University Shenzhen’s myriad of dining options, Shang Shufang restaurant is a multi-cuisine restaurant located on the first floor of PHBS Academic Building next to Starbucks. With an extensive seating area and an internationalized menu, the restaurant offers a nice respite from a busy day.

Cooking Fun Restaurant
The atmosphere is slightly more business-like than at University Café: still a great place to enjoy a beer in the evening or to hold a group meeting. Large choice of magazines, extremely friendly service and very decent steaks, as well as some Japanese, Indian or French dishes.You can use your campus card to pay at the counter.
Delivery Service: 2603 3383
Hours: Every day 10:00-22:00

Subway Restaurant

English-speaking staff.Frequent promotions and "sandwich of the day" offers.
Hours: Every day 7:00-23:00
Free delivery on campus: 8628 7995

NYPD Pizza Delivery
NYPD offers American style pizzas, sandwiches, starters and salads.  You can create your own pizza, or enjoy one of their signature pizzas such as, Hawaiian Gourmet, The Godfather and Chicken Bacon Ranch. NYPD is a local pizza chain and has arguably some of the best pizzas you can find in Shenzhen.  
Hours: Monday-Sunday 11:00am-9:00pm
Online menu

Campus Convenience Stores
At the ground floor of building K and building M there are small convenience stores that offer a selection of snacks and drinks, fresh fruit, daily use products, stationery and even some sports equipment. You can also buy prepaid cell phone cards at both stores (just ask for a chongzhi ka). You can use your campus card to pay at the checkout counter. The Xiaoyuan Convenience store also has a dry cleaning service and postal service. The Meixin Convenience also has a bike rental service (10 RMB per month). Both stores have small karts and bike pumps that you are welcome to borrow.  
Hours: Everyday 7:00am-1:30am

Note: You can also use your campus card to eat at any of the other dining halls on campus (Tsinghua and Hagonda Universities) amd buy snacks at any of the small convenience stores on campus.

Dining Around Campus

Ping Shan Village
There are many popular small restaurants and street food located here including BBQ, hot pot, noodle shops, etc.
Located across from the south gate of University Town and next to the Vienna Hotel. Take the 43 to University Town South Gate or walk to the south gate (about 20 minutes)

Xili Town
There are many Chinese restaurants located at Xili Town, Shanxi noodles, hot pot, Cantonese, seafood, etc. There is also a KFC, McDonald’s and Pizza Hut.
Take bus B736 to Xili Labor Market or bus 237 to Xili Hospital East. Located at Xili Labor Market bus stop or Xili Hospital East, continue past the KFC for more restaurants on Liuxian Main Road. Notice: Bus 43 no longer serves this stop.

Click here for a map of area around campus (including Xili and Ping Shan Village)