Insurance and Medical Services

Students in China are required by law to subscribe to a local Chinese insurance scheme. The Ministry of Education recommends using Ping An Foreign Students Group Insurance, which covers accidental injuries, hospitalization (if you need to stay in a hospital for at least one night) and death. The cost of Ping An insurance is 800 RMB/year, and the school will apply to the insurance on your behalf.

All international students are automatically enrolled in the Ping An Insurance scheme unless an alternative plan has been approved. If you subscribe to Ping An Insurance, you will be covered from your day of registration.

Ping An Foreign Students Group Insurance does over outpatient care and some prescription medicines. After a 650RMB deductible, policy holders will be reimbursed 85% outpatient fees with a 600RMB daily limit and an accumulative limit of 20000RMB.

Please refer the insurance policy (English Version) here and the claims guidelines here.For more information on the Ping An Foreign Student Group Insurance Plan, you can call their 24-7 hotline (4008105119) or consult your school's administrative staff for more information.

The Ping An Foreign Student Group Insurance Plan does not cover over the counter medicines or dental care. However, basic medications and dental care are quite inexpensive in China.

We recommend the following public hospitals. We advise you to call Ping An Insurance (4008105119) prior to visiting a hospital to make sure your expenses will be covered.

Peking University Hospital (北京大学深圳医院)
Hong Kong University Hospital (香港大学深圳医院)
Xili Renmin Hospital (西丽人民医院)

Note:Ping An Foreign Student Group Insurance Plandoes not cover any special departments/services designated for foreigners. For example, the International Clinic at the Hong Kong University Hospital would not be covered by your insurance.

If you would like further medical coverage, you can consider purchasing an individual Ping An Insurance Plan. If you would like to be in covered in private international hospitals or to benefit from medical repatriation, you may want to consider purchasing in addition an international or traveler’s health insurance. These plans typically cover hospitalization and surgery in a private hospital and emergency evacuation to your home country.

Medical Services

Shenzhen 24 Hour Emergency Number: 120
Although the cost of care and accommodation is very low in Chinese hospitals, many foreigners elect to go to Hong Kong for inpatient care as English is more widely spoken and the medical procedures fall along Western standards of practice.  

On or Near Campus

University Town Medical Center
The Medical Center is on Tsinghua University campus, next to Tsinghua’s dining hall. This is the basic medical center for University Town. The center also includes a small pharmacy. The staff speaks limited English. It is recommended to bring a Chinese speaker with you.
Opening Hours: 9:00 - 17:00 (Monday to Friday)
Tel.: 2603 3167 or 2603 3165
24 Hours Emergency: 2673 0255
Xili People’s Hospital
To go there: Liuxian Avenue West, Xili. Take bus 237 and get off at Xili Hospital East Station.
Tel.: 26528903
Emergency: 2652 8903

Peking University Shenzhen Hospital
This Chinese hospital has limited English service. It is recommended to bring a Chinese speaker with you. To go there: Lianhua North Road, Futian District. Take bus 104 at the Zoo and get off at Peking University Shenzhen Hospital.
Address: No. 1120 Lianhua Road, Futian District
Address in Chinese: 福田区莲花路1120号
Tel.: 8392 3333

In Shenzhen

Shenzhen Overseas Chinese City Hospital (OCT Hospital)  
10 Xiangshan East St, Nanshan, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
Address in Chinese: 华侨城香山东街10号
Tel: (86) 755 2690 0737
The OCT Hospital is often preferred as it is a smaller hospital, which often means less waiting time compared to PKU Hospital or Hong Kong University Shenzhen Hospital.

Hong Kong University Shenzhen Hospital
Address: Haiyuan 1st Road, Futian District, Shenzhen
Address in Chinese: 广东省深圳市侨城东路与白石路交叉口处附近
International Medical Center
The Hong Kong University Shenzhen Hospital is a newly opened hospital in Futian district with English services. The hospital also has an International Medical Center that caters to expatriates.

Can Am International Medical Center
This medical center opened in Shekou mid August 2008 within the Fraser Apartments complex. It is also established in Shanghai and Guangzhou. Several foreign doctors are in attendance and a dentist works there on a part-time basis. CanAm supplies out patient and day patient services and can provide emergency services as well. It has a fully stocked pharmacy onsite. CanAm has direct billing for several major insurance companies including MedExPlan and IMG.
Address: 0119 Block E, Fraser Place, Shekou
Phone: 2688-7106

Shekou People's Hospital
The Shekou Union Hospital provides good outpatient, inpatient and emergency services care although you need to have a Chinese speaker with you.
Address: Gongye 7th Street, 2kms from Sea World in Shekou
Address in Chinese: 南山区蛇口工业七路与南海大道交汇处
Phone Number: 26692314

Shenzhen Wu Zhou International Clinic
This new clinic is proving to be quite popular as they have English speaking personnel and provide a free 24 hour pick and drop off service in the Nanshan area. It has good service and is clean and well organized – the nursing staff speaks English and translates for the doctors who cannot. Aside from general medical services and surgery they advertise pediatrics, gynecology, ENT, Ophthalmology, stomatology, TCM and influenza vaccines.
Address: 7 Ke Hua Road in the Technology Park, Nanshan District
Address in Chinese: 南山区科技园北区科花路7号
Phone 2649-1185.
Website: (Chinese)

International SOS
The SOS clinic is nearby the Jing Shan apartment complex and currently has two international doctors and foreign staff members. It provides quality family medical service for outpatients and operates on a subscription basis. SOS can provide referral information for inpatient care in Hong Kong and also arrange evacuation there for members.
Address: Villa No.8 Bihua Road, off Taizi Road South, Shekou
Address in Chinese: 南山区太子路壁桦路8号别墅
Phone 2669-3667