Shopping Around Campus


On Campus

Campus Convenience Stores
At the ground floor of building K and building M there are small convenience stores that offer a selection of snacks and drinks, daily use products, stationery and even some sports equipment. You can also buy prepaid cell phone cards at both stores (just ask for a Chōngzhí kǎ, 充值卡). You can use your campus card to pay at the checkout counter. The Xiaoyuan Convenience store also has a dry cleaning service and postal service. The Meixin Convenience also has a bike rental service (10 RMB per month). Both stores have small karts and bike pumps that you are welcome to borrow.  
营业时间/ Hours: Everyday 7:00-1:30am

Around Campus
The closest shopping center is only 8 bus stops away in Xili town. If you take bus 43, B763, 237 westwards at Beida station, get off at Xili Labor Market Station. It is the first stop after crossing the bridge.

Notice:Due to the construction of the new metro line, a section of Lishui Road (between the zoo and Tsing Hua University) has been closed indefinitely. This means the 43 bus and the 237 bus no longer come to the Peking University and Chunyuan Crossing Stops. The B736 still comes to both stops (on the University Town side of the road) and goes to Pingshan Village and Xili Town. You can get off at University SouthGate Stop and transfer to 43 bus. The 43 bus still runs to Window of the World. Alternatively, you can walk to University South Gate (outside of HIT) and take the 43 bus to Window of the World.The city also has also added a new 43 bus stop near Tanglang Village. You can find more information on the changes of the bus route here.

Xili Renrenle Supermarket
Most food products are typically Chinese, but you can also find a few foreign brands.
To go there: B763 (the stop on the school side of the road) to the Xili Labor Market, cross the avenue: the supermarket is at the end of a little street full of shops and restaurants (2 minutes walk). Or take bus 237 to Xili Hospital East.
The 43 bus is more frequent; you can take the 43 bus to Xili Sports Park and walk 5 minutes (just across the river).

There is a free shuttle bus to Renrenle supermarket that leaves from the intersection behind building G.
Hours (Tuesdays and Saturdays Only)
Depart from Campus: 5:00pm and 7:00pm
Arrive back to Campus: 7:00pm and 9:00pm

Xili Rainbow Shopping Mall
Mostly clothes and accessories (shoes, jewelry, bags, etc.) and a Chinese supermarket on the second floor.
To go there: the shopping mall is on your right when you get off the bus B736 (the stop on the school side of the road) at Xili Labor Market. At the ground level are a KFC and a Chinese fast-food.

The 43 bus is more frequent; you can take the 43 bus to Yanhe Road stop (沿河路). Walk to the main road (Liuxian Road), turn left and walk for 5 minutes.

Chinese grocery store and department store. It has quality produce, household products, electronics and even a few imported products.

To go there: Take the 43 bus珠 光村 Zhuguang Village. It is the stop just after Xili Sports Park.
When you get off the bus, you will see a KFC. The entrance of the Vanguard is just past the KFC.

Xili – Gomz Computer Hardware, Video Games and Accessories

Many electronic products including, cell phones, computers, mp3 players and accessories.  
To go there: adjacent to Rainbow Shopping Mall at Xili Labor Market

European City
Ikea, Metro (good selection of foreign food, appliances and bulk items) and Decathlon (inexpensive sporting goods store) are 30 minutes by bus from the campus. Note: To enter Metro you will be asked to show a member card or a copy of your passport. If you don’t have a member card, you will be asked to present the paper ticket given you when you enter at checkout.
Address: 8188 Beihuan Avenue, Nanshan District (you can ask for yi-jia or Ikea, taxi drivers usually know it)
Address in Chinese: 南山区北环大道8188号
To go there: take bus 43 to Mixing Plant Stop (you will easily recognize the Ikea logo from afar).

Walmart offers some foreign
toiletries and household items. There is also a small foreign food selection on the first floor.
To go there: Take the 43 to its terminus to Window of the World. Then take the metro one stop to OCT (Luobao Line torwards Louhu). Walmart is Exit B1.