Academic Calendar and Attendance
Academic Calendar
The PKU Shenzhen academic calendar is comprised of two semesters: the fall semester and the spring semester. The duration of each semester is generally 18 weeks, including two weeks of review and finals at the end of each semester. The summer break begins at the end of June and lasts for about eight weeks. The winter break depends of the Chinese traditional lunar calendar and generally last for four weeks—ten days before and after the Chinese New Year. Click here for the 2018-19 academic calendar.

***School of Transnational Law (STL) students should note that the STL academic calendar differs from the Peking University Shenzhen campus calendar insofar as it starts earlier and ends later, and operates on a quarter system not a semester system.. Students must conform to the STL academic calendar in making all travel and other plans.

Typically, Quarter 1 spans from mid-August to mid-November, Quarter 2 from mod-November to the end of January, Quarter 3 from late February to mid-May and Quarter 4 from mid-May to early July. Quarters 1,2, and 3 are 11 weeks long (10 weeks of class plus one week for exams). Quarter 4 is 8 weeks long (7 weeks of class plus one week for exams). For specific dates and more detailed information about STL's academic calendar, please visit the STL academic calendar page here.

The HSBC Business School divides each semester into two modules that last for 8 weeks.

Requesting Leave
Students’ attendance is taken and recorded for all lectures, tests, examinations and other forms of academic activities with required attendance. If a student should miss any of the above academic activities, he or she must apply for approval for an excused absence ahead of time. Unexcused absences are considered as acts of truancy.  Students who have been absent for a third (or more) of the total number of a course’s classes are not eligible to the final exam for the course*. Furthermore, these students will receive a zero grade for the course.

*It should be noted that STL's attendance policy has a cap of 15% of absences rather than 1/3. STL students should refer to the STL Academic Rules which are distributed to all STL students at the beginning of the year. These rules are enforced within STL and run parallel with campus rules.
Application for Excused Absences
Students asking for leave for less than one week need to fill out the application of leave form and hand it into the administrators both at the respective school and the Education Administration Office.
Second year students asking for leave for more than one week need to fill out an application for leave form and get approval from the relevant school’s course administrator and dean. Second year students’ leave will also need to be approved by the Director of the Education Administration Office. Additionally, first year students, who ask for a leave for more than one month that will affect their duration of students, need to ask for an extension of studies.
Withdrawing from PKU Shenzhen and Asking for an Extension of Studies
For specific procedures on withdrawing from PKU Shenzhen and asking for an extension of studies, please see the PKU Shenzhen Handbook for International Students. If you need further assistance, please consult your school’s administrator and the PKU Shenzhen Education Administration Office.