Examinations and Grades

Students must take all the quizzes and exams of their courses. If they should miss an exam, they must fill an absence request and seek permission from their program's department ahead of time to take a makeup test. Students who fail to get this permission for their leave will receive a failing grade at the exam.

Grading system
Grades are given in the form of percentages. The passing grade for PKU Shenzhen is 60% for elective courses and 70% for required courses. All passing grades will give full credits for that course. The final grades depend on classroom participation (frequency and quality), homework, quizzes and midterm exams, in addition to the final exam. Individual schools may have further requirements; please consult your respective school's student handbook for more information.

Academic Code of Honor
Students who have committed acts of academic dishonesty such as cheating during exams and plagiarism will be investigated and penalized according to the school's regulations. Graduate students who are caught cheating will receive a zero for that particular course and be penalized for their academic dishonesty. Individual schools may have further consequences.

For more information on PKU Shenzhen's academic policies, please consult the PKU Shenzhen Handbook for International Students.