Graduation and Completion of Program

Completion of Program
The Master's Degree (together with a Certificate of Completion of Studies) will only be awarded to the students who have successfully completed their program and have fulfilled all their graduation requirements. Students who fail to defend their thesis will only receive a Certificate of Completion of Studies. Please refer to section B.10 in the PKU Shenzhen Handbook for International Students for information on leaving procedures and receiving your degree.

Students who withdraw from the University after having completed at least one year of courses and have abided by the University's withdrawal policies are eligible to receive a Certificate of Higher Education.

Extending Your Studies
Graduate students may apply to extend the duration of studies if they are unable to graduate on time. Extension applications generally need to be completed by April (exact time to be announced). The cost of extending your studies is 2500RMB per semester. Please contact your school's administration for more information.

PKU Shenzhen's commencement will be held typically at the end of June or the beginning of July. The 2018-2019 PKU Shenzhen Commencement will be held on June 30. Please refer to the PKU Shenzhen Calendar for the 2018-2019 Academic Year.(Note: the date of Commencement has not been updated on calendar).