PKU Shenzhen International Student Orientation

Peking University Shenzhen conducts a week long orientation and cultural immersion program to give incoming students a glimpse of daily life at PKU Shenzhen, help them settle down, provide them opportunities get to know their classmates and complete important documentation and registration.

Typically international students are allowed to check into their dormitory rooms one day before registration. Incoming students are guided by student volunteers to check in at the Campus Service Center, pay the requisite fees for utilities and sign the housing contract. Students usually use this day to explore the campus and begin to get settled in their new home.

Orientation Packet
Upon arrival and registration students receive an orientation packet that includes the following:

A detailed orientation week schedule
Peking University Shenzhen T-shirt
China Mobile pre-activated SIM card
PKU Shenzhen Graduate Student Handbook
Campus Life Guide
Survival Chinese Guide
Shenzhen metro and bus maps

PKU Shenzhen Registration

For registration students are asked to bring their passport, admissions notification, original diploma (or proof of degree completion) and proof of payment of school fees. Students will also apply for their campus card and take photos for their residence permit applications.

Orientation Activities

After registration, the PKU Shenzhen Orientation week includes the following activities:

-Information Session. A campus life information session is conducted by the Chancellor’s Secretariat office followed by a small Q&A session with the school officials.

-Trip to Ikea and Metro. During the first days on campus, the school arranges a trip to Ikea and Metro (a foreign supermarket and appliance store). Students are able to buy additionally bedding and items to decorate their dorm rooms.  

-Campus Tour. Students are given a tour of PKU Shenzhen, the University Town Campus and the nearest metro and bus stations.

-Intercultural Communication Lecture. Students attend a session on intercultural communication and strategies for dealing with culture shock.

-Chinese Survival Course. Students have the option of attending a four day Survival Chinese Course that allows students to begin learning Chinese as soon as they arrive at PKU Shenzhen. The course covers basic phrases including greetings, numbers and vocabulary on shopping, food and transportation. This courses serves as an introduction to the Beginner Chinese course held during the academic year.

-Cultural Excursions. Through the weekend students can attend cultural excursions in Shenzhen. These excursions aim to help students familiarize themselves with Shenzhen and using public transportation. In past years, trips have been to Da Fen Oil Painting Village, Window of the World, Coastal City, and Sea World.  

PKU Shenzhen Orientation is followed by academic orientations held by the respective school (PHBS, STL). During orientation students will also begin the steps to obtain their residence permits, including a health check and interview. For more information on the residence permit process please visit Visa and Entry.  

Download the PKU Shenzhen Orientation Schedule:
PKU Shenzhen Orientation Schedule (2013)

For information on academic orientations:
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