Campus Community Advisors

Living abroad comes with many unforeseen obstacles from seemingly mundane tasks, such as calling maintenance for a repair or even not knowing where the nearest grocery store is. To help make the adjustment to life in China, Peking University Shenzhen created the Campus Community Advisor Program.

This program consists of a team of eight Chinese student leaders that live alongside the international students in the dormitories. These eight "CAs" were carefully selected by the program committee, and they serve as go-to people for basic campus life questions and issues for international students.

The CAs are all very friendly and eager to help others. Among the many things they can assist students with are dormitory lockouts, translation services for campus services and maintenance, etc. They also plan monthly events that cater to the needs and interests of our international student population.

At this year's introductory event, each CA presented on an city, island, or province that they've either lived in or have extensively traveled to. They offered their insight regarding transportation, the area's culinary specialties and what to do and see in each place.

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