PKU Shenzhen Counseling Services

The PKU Shenzhen Student Affairs Office is dedicated to our students’ mental health and well being by providing students with free counseling services on campus. The Student Affairs Office professional staff can help students address any personal or academic struggles in a confidential setting in English.

The school provides 8 counseling sessions free of charge to all students. These counseling sessions help students deal with stress management, anxiety & depression, life transitions, and relationship issues. After your first 8 sessions, you will need to apply to continue sessions with your counselor (more details provided at that time).

At present, all counseling services are by appointment only. Students should email to schedule an appointment during counseling hours.

Although the counseling services are conducted in English for international students, the school can provide a Chinese-English translator if necessary. International students may also always turn to any international staff member for additional assistance and guidance.  

Contact Information
Tel: 2603 2104

In case of emergency, please inform an International Affairs coordinator immediately and visit the Kangning Hospital, which specializes in mental health treatment.

Kangning Hospital – 深圳市罗湖区翠竹路1080号
Shenzhen, Luohu District, Cuizhu Rd 1080