Year-end Summary | PKU Shenzhen 2020 News Review
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Time flies and 2020 has gone by. At the beginning of the Chinese New Year in 2020, the unprecedented epidemic, COVID-19, struck, making this year the most extraordinary year. There were losses and gains, we also experienced joy and sorrow along with confusion and hope. Let’s take the train of time and look back at the journey and the changes and progress Nanyan made along the way.


  •  Jan. 2nd: PKUSZ won 4 awards of Shenzhen Science and Technology Awards in 2018 and 2019, including 1 First Prize of Natural Science Award, 1 Second Prize of Natural Science Award, 1 First Prize of Technological Invention Award, and 1 Youth Science and Technology Award.

  •  Jan. 6th: Delegates of the teachers and students from SEE went to the Republic of Korea to attend the 12th China-Korea Environmental Academic Symposium.

  •  Jan. 10th: PKUSZ won the second prize of the National Natural Science Prize for the work on “New Particle Generation and Secondary Aerosol Growth Mechanism under the Condition of Combined Atmospheric Pollution”.

  • Jan. 17th: “Take on a New Mission, Build a New Journey” Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School faculty and staff reunion 2020 was held in the Seminar Hall of PHBS.

  • Jan. 28th: PKUSZ held the meeting of the control work against COVID-19 to closely carry out the epidemic prevention and control work of COVID-19.


  •  Feb. 1st: The leaders of PKUSZ conducted field inspections, visits and recorded information on buildings 1, 2, 3 and 5 of the students’ dormitories.

  •  Feb. 8th: It is coordinated by PKUSZ and implemented by the Student Affairs Office and General Affairs Office respectively to provide targeted support and help students in Hubei, and to send care and warmth to them. Our school sent condolences to students in Hubei by mail.

  • Feb. 24th: Yang Ping, Deputy Secretary of Shenzhen Municipal Education Working Committee, visited PKUSZ to supervise the COVID-19 prevention and control work.

  •  Since the beginning of the semester, the logistics of PKUSZ adhered to the epidemic prevention on campus line. The Campus Service Office and property management, dormitory administrator, canteens and so on were “unsung heroes”. During the Spring Festival holiday they insisted on 24 hours on duty, to protect every corner of the campus, for the health and safety of our teachers and students.


  •  Mar. 10th: The Communist Youth League Committee of Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School assisted the Communist Youth League Committee of Peking University to send care materials to the students in Hubei.

  •  Mar. 17th: The core students of the Youth League Committee and the Graduate Student Union of PKUSZ held an online meeting to learn the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s reply to students of PKU. At the same time, our young students actively participated in anti-epidemic volunteer service activities.

  •  Mar. 23rd: PHBS donated anti-epidemic materials to the UK.

  •  Mar. 26th: PHBS, Cambridge University Judge Business School and Qianhai Administration Bureau signed a memorandum of intent to cooperate in Shenzhen.

  •  Mar. 28th: The Communist Youth League Committee of PKUSZ drafted a letter to overseas students of PKUSZ, sent to the mailbox of overseas students of PKUSZ.


  • Apr. 3rd: PKUSZ held the mobilization meeting of reform and development planning work for the 14th Five-Year Plan.

  • Apr.10th: the 2020 online job-search sharing conference of PKUSZ held successfully.

  • Apr. 14th: Prof. Yang Jiawen from SUPD won the national social science fund major projects as the chief expert.

  • Apr. 15th: The General Education Center held outdoor activities for stay-at-school teachers and students.

National Security Day – the Communist Youth League Committee held the education activities about national security.

  • Apr. 20th: Stephen Minas, an assistant professor from STL, was elected the vice-chair of the Technology Executive Committee (TEC) of UN Climate Change.

  • Apr. 23th: SAM made great progress in the research of high-performance lithium-sulfur battery materials.

  • Apr. 26th, 2020: the campus top ten singer competition of PKUSZ held online successfully.


  • May 3th: Our students participated in the 2nd “May 4th” Youth Run of PKU.  

  • May 11th: Students back-to-school work of spring semester in 2020 officially began.

  • May 14th: Graduating students came back to Nanyan campus.

  • May 15th: PKUSZ approved as the second batch of “Shuang Chuang” demonstration base in Shenzhen.

  • May 20th: the vice minister of Shandong provincial party committee organization, Gong Wendong and party visited PKUSZ.

  • May 19th-23rd: PHBS organized the first graduation thesis defense of the 2020 spring term. The defense adopted the combination of offline field defense and online video defense.

  • May 22nd: PHBS signed a cooperation agreement with the Shenzhen Intermediate People’s Court.

  • May 26th: The guiding teacher of Youth Corps Committee in PKUSZ, Yuan Xiaoling, crowned a “Star Youth Against COVID-19” of Taoyuan Street in the Nanshan District.

  • May 27th: The party branch of PHBS staff held the “Civil War Against the Epidemic, the Responsibilities of Party Members” learning activity.

  • May 28th: Team of Prof. Zou Yuexian form SEE made important progress in the target speech separation task research.

  • May 29th: Deputy secretary of the Guangdong provincial party committee, the provincial governor of Guangdong Province, Ma Xingrui and party visited PKUSZ.


  •  Jun. 3-6: PHBS 2020 Commencement Ceremony held successfully.

  •  Jun. 11th: Prof. Li Hui from SEE was selected as English guest editor of the ZTE Technology Journal and reviewed the latest progress in web space technology.

  •  June 14th: The 2020 Workplace Sharing meeting of Nanyan alumni, held successfully online.

  •  June 16th:  Peng Tao’s team from SCBB developed a new gene encoding the formaldehyde fluorescent probes and bioluminescent probe.

  •  June 17th: SAM discovered the mechanism of light to nitrogen and catalytic material and the formation of ammonia and nitrate.


  •  The summer holidays began!

  •  Aug. 23th: The sharing meeting and “Dream Plan” social practice in Neijiang, Sichuan Province was successfully held and PKUSZ students participated.

  •  Aug. 25th: 2020 summer learning of PKUSZ students to Hengyang, Hunan Province CPC and government offices ended successfully.

  •  Aug. 28th: PHBS raised the nameplate of the new Patriotism Education Base.


  •  Aug. 31st-Sep. 1st: New students arrived at PKUSZ!

  •  Sep. 3rd: The 2020 Opening Ceremony of PKUSZ was held on the playground successfully.

  •  Sep. 6th: Our students’ debate team was champions in the Fourth “Zhixing Cup” Online Debate Competition.

  •  Sep. 8th: PKUSZ organized students and teachers to watch the Commendation Congress on Fighting COVID-19.

  •  Sep. 9th: 2020 Opening Ceremony of PHBS was held.

China’s rural development database signing ceremony was held at PHBS.

  • Sep. 23th: “The 2020 Student Association Carnival was held successfully.

Deputy director of Shenzhen Education Bureau, Yu Yang and party, surveyed campus.

  •  Sep. 25th: The 2020 National Day New Students Welcome Party was held successfully.

  •  Sep. 27th: The Vice Chancellor of PKUSZ, Prof. Wang Pengfei won the best asset pricing paper award of the Northern Finance Association.


  • Oct. 13th: Zhao Pengjun was selected as the Dean of SUPD.

  • Oct. 14th: the 4th Nanyan Sports Culture Festival “Welcoming Cup” sports games successfully held the opening ceremony.

  • Oct. 15th: Teachers and students watched the 40th Anniversary Celebration of the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone.

  • Oct. 27th: The secretary-general of the Shenzhen Municipal Committee, Gao Zimin, came to PKUSZ and taught ideological and political courses.

  • Oct. 31st: Prof. Wang Xin’an team from SECE held the AI Algorithm Competition of AETA earthquake prediction.


  • Nov. 2nd: The delegates of teachers and students from SEE participated in a conference held by Shenzhen CPPCC chamber to discuss the difficulties of garbage sorting.

    “Science & China” academician experts seminar – Nanyan Seminar – Academician Wang Qiuliang: the development and application of superconducting technology.

      Graduate Students Education Conference of PKU was held successfully.

  • Nov. 3rd: PKUSZ Graduate Student Union held “Empty Plate Campaign in Nanyan” activity successfully.

  • Nov. 6th: PKUSZ “Zhudi Space” team got an excellent grade in 2020 Shenzhen “Dream Chasers Cup” College Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition.

  • Nov. 13th: PKUSZ Student Debate Team successfully defends the championship in the 8th Shenzhen Universities Student Debate Tournament finals.

  • Nov. 17th: Our student participated in the 6th China International “Internet +” College Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition as the delegates of PKU and won the silver award.

  • Nov. 18th: PKUSZ held the 4th Nanyan Sports Culture Festival – the 11th Fun Sports Games.

  • Nov. 19th: PHBS sign strategic cooperation agreement with the Shenzhen Economic Daily.

  • Nov. 20th: PKUSZ cooperated with China Unicom to established “Laboratory of Human Activity and Regional Governance Data”.

  • Nov. 21st: Our student, Shi Dansen, won the champion in East Asia Competition Region of the Environmental Law Moot Court Competition

  • Nov. 22nd:Zhao Luming from PHBS won the student award of the 8th Fan Jingyi Journalism Education Award.

  • Nov. 24th: PKUSZ Youth Corps Committee organized over 70 students to carry out the “Open Day – the special performance of ByteDance in PKUSZ” .

  • Nov. 26th: STL held the second phase of “What is Law” series of seminars.

    PKUSZ Students Debate Team won the champion of Shenzhen Reading Month Debate Competition.

  • Nov. 28th: Symposium on High Quality Urban and Rural Development and Territorial Spatial Planning in the Yellow River Basin was held successfully.

  • Nov. 30th: The deputy chief of Guangming District Yao Gaoke and party visited PKUSZ.


  • Dec. 3rd: SAM discovered regulation of proton transport can improve the energy density of high-stream zinc ion batteries.

  • Dec. 4th: PKUSZ held the announcement meeting on administrative leadership and service departments.

    PKUSZ Students Debate Team won the final champion of the 2nd “Morning Star” World University Debating Tour.

  • Dec. 5th: The 20th China Economics Annual Conference opened in PHBS. 

  • Dec. 10th: Master’s of Economics at PHBS was accredited by EFMD again.

  • Dec. 13th: PKUSZ Student Debate Team defend the championship in the 6th Shenzhen University Student Debate Competition.

  • Dec. 18th: SAM discovered the mechanism of microwave “targeting” rapid preparation of lithium battery lamellar materials.

  • Dec. 21st: Deputy mayor of Shenzhen Nie Xinping and party visited PKUSZ.

    The Dialogue between Law and History was published which was co-edited by STL professor, Man Yunlong.

  • Dec. 25th: SAM made great progress in simple preparation of pure inorganic T-type superhydrophobic materials.


In 2020, we understood that health is the foundation of future development; we fought side by side, experienced hardships together, had extra courage and more empathy and care. In 2021, Nanyan will be better and better! Come on all PKUers!

From the Nanyan News Agency of PKUSZ

Translated from original Chinese