The Nanyan News Agency\'s Visit to CUHK and Ta Kung Pao
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On May 13th, students and staff members from Nanyan News Agency visited the School of Journalism and Communication of the Chinese University of Hong Kong and Ta Kung Pao in Hong Kong. The group was lead by Party Committee Secretary Bai Zhiqiang. Students had the opportunity for detailed discussions with not only students and faculty of CUHK, but also professional journalists in Ta Kung Pao. Topics included how to operate and organize on-campus media, the active roles that students should pay in on-campus media and how to find relevant news topics.
SJC of CUHK: Starting Point of Original Hong Kongers that Work in Mass Media

On the morning of 13th, Li Lifeng, an associate professor from the School of Journalism and Communication of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Head of Research Division, and the Director of the on-campus publication University Line and Varsity, received the coming students and staff members from Nanyan News Agency. The doctorate students from the School of Journalism and Communication shared their experiences.

(Associate Professor Li Lifeng introduces SJC)

Associate Professor Li Lifeng introduced the history and development of the School of Journalism and Communication and then introduced on-campus publications University Line and Varsity. These two publications are arranged and edited by students under the guidance of professors from the School of Journalism and Communication. Students are able to earn credits by reporting and editing University Line and Varsity. These two publications mainly cover current events in Hong Kong, phenomena in culture, entertainment, media or on campus issues. Professors and students Associate Professor Li Lifeng led a discussion with Professors and students about reporting, editing and managing PKU Shenzhen’s New Youth magazine and Nanyan News. During the discussion, Li mentioned that the special affinity that university students had was a unique advantage, and used the interview of previous Chief Executive of Hong Kong, Zeng Yinquan by students of University Line as an example as an encouragement.

(Students ask critical questions about reporting and editing)

(Secretary Bai Zhiqiang presents gifts to SJC of CUHK)

Secretary of the Party Committee of Peking University, Bai Zhiqiang presented gifts of appreciation and the two publications of Shenzhen PKU to SJC He expressed his wish for further communication and mutual development in on-campus media between the two schools.

(The Nanyan delegation)

Ta Kung Pao: Chinese Paper with the Longest History
On the afternoon of May 13th, students and staff members from Nanyan News Agency visited the Ta Kung News Agency in Hong Kong Island. They met with chief associated editor and chief reporter, Zhong Yunqing, head of the Shenzhen branch agency, Li Dongmei along with other reporters and editors.

(The Nanyan News Agency delegation visits the history exhibit of Ta Kung Pao)

Associate Editor-in-Chief and Chief Reporter, Zhong Yunqing, briefly introduced briefly development history of the Ta Kung Pa . The name “Ta Kung Pao” means holding oneself as the most important and using selflessness to show fairness and impartiality. Ta Kung Pao has the longest history of all Chinese newspapers and has been one of the most influential before 1949.

(A student from the Nanyan News Agency holds the special edition of the fifth anniversary of the Wenchuan earthquake of Ta Kun Pao)

Nanyan News Agency: Recording History and Announcing PKU

The Nanyan News Agency (NNA) was founded on June, 2010 as a part of the Chancellor’s Secretariat Office of PKU Shenzhen. As the only media agency of PKU Shenzhen, the NNA plays a crucial part at PKU Shenzhen by reporting on-campus issues, culture and life and reported in both Chinese and English.
This semester new NNA initiatives have made significant achievements. The Nanyan TV Station has introduced eight news segments, two original shows and two special subjects. The Chinese Nanyan News and the English Nanyan Observer have released five print issues each and one issue of the New Youth Magazine. The mobile phone “e-news” was launched this semester by NNA and it sends daily new alerts to the PKU Shenzhen community.
Of the NNA three years’ operation, members of NNA have been taking advantage of the broad platform that NNA provides to practice what they learned into real situations and also have accumulated great and valuable reporting experiences. Rooted PKU Shenzhen’s innovative and international campus culture, NNA strives to continue to make contributions in recording PKU Shenzhen’s history.
Translated by Zhu Shuangyue
Edited by Gretta Herrin