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Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School (PKU Shenzhen) was established in April 2001 with the approval of the Ministry of Education. It is the southern campus of Peking University, the first modern university established in China and a national key university. We are an integral part of PKU's progression towards becoming a top university worldwide, and PKU has climbed in rankings and now consistently occupies a top 25 spot in a wide variety of international rankings.

Our mission is to carry out the work of a world-class international university in Shenzhen, a pioneer city leading China’s Reform and Opening-Up Policy. Under the principles of “New Frontiers, Interdisciplinary Studies, Applied Research and International Standards" PKU Shenzhen strives to innovate and push boundaries, while guaranteeing the 120 year old legacy of the school endures.

PKU Shenzhen is a graduate education institution comprised of eight schools: the School of Electronic and Computer Engineering; School of Chemical Biology & Biotechnology; School of Environment & Energy; School of Urban Planning & Design; School of Advanced Materials; HSBC Business School; School of Transnational Law; and School of Humanities & Social Sciences. The eight schools offer an array of majors, including Finance, Economics, Management, J.M., MBA, Ecology, Human Geography, Information Sciences & Technology, Electronic & Communication Technologies, Chemical Biology, Environmental Science, Environmental Engineering and Financial Media.

“20 Years of Glory, Starting A New Journey (2021)


Our campus is known as "Nanyan"(the southern Yan)because of its natural beauty and relationship to the Beijing main campus, known as “Yan Yuan” (the Yan Garden). The campus is within the University Town of Shenzhen and occupies over 200 thousand square meters of gorgeous land which fully displays the rich biodiversity of Guangdong Province.

Furthermore, we are in the Nanshan District of Shenzhen, which includes the headquarters of some of the world’s leading enterprises, including Tencent, Baidu, DJI, China Merchant’s Bank and more.

International Perspective

The HSBC Business School and School of Transnational Law offer fully-English taught programs with world-class professors, curriculum and facilities. In 2018, the HSBC Business School became one of only 5% of business school's in the world to earn the prestigious AACSB International Accreditation. As for the School of Transnational Law, it is the first school in the world allowing students to earn a Juris Doctor degree and a Chinese Juris Master degree.

PKU Shenzhen's faculty members include scholars with previous teaching appointments at prestigious schools, including Cornell University, Harvard University and the University of California system. Concurrently, PKU Shenzhen's unique disciplines and degrees with PKU’s prestige, attract top students from China and abroad. PKU Shenzhen programs are designed to provide the expertise and meet the demands of the Shenzhen and the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area region job market, making graduates highly competitive in the world's fastest growing economic hub.

PKU Shenzhen has 50 research platforms, among which are several major state-level laboratories such as the Laboratory of Chemical Oncogenomics, the Laboratory of Integrated Microsystems and the Laboratory for Environmental and Urban Sciences.


PKU Shenzhen is proud of having a highly qualified and diverse faculty body with 170 full-time professors: including two members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, 11 members of the national “One Thousand Talents Plan,” 9 State Administration Foreign Expert Program Members, 25 Peng Cheng Scholars, and 69 professors from Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan or abroad. In addition, the school counts 111 postdoctoral research fellows.

Each department's academic team is led by a professor with an international perspective and strong research experience in the related field. PKU Shenzhen has formed a talented team led by eminent academic authorities and has recruited scholars and experts from abroad, as well as promising young academics from China and post-doctorates to support its departments.

International diversity is the most prominent character of the faculty at PKU Shenzhen. A high number of PKU Shenzhen faculty members obtained their degrees from top-ranking universities worldwide.

Moreover, our university attracts world-renowned international professors, such as Philip McConaughay, the founding dean of Penn State University’s law school and School of International Affairs. As well as outstanding Chinese scientists, like Yang Zhen, Pan Feng and the economist Hai Wen. Our faculty have made huge contributions to PKU Shenzhen's successful advancement of international education and research capabilities.


PKU Shenzhen attracts the most outstanding students within China and abroad. In 2008, our university began to enroll students from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and in 2009 it welcomed its first international students. With the increasing number of international students, the PKU Shenzhen campus is becoming more diverse and globally conscious. By 2019, there were 3,218 full-time graduate students enrolled at PKU Shenzhen, including 288 doctorate degree students, and 2,930 master's degree students and over 150 full-time international students from all over the world.