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Campus Life
  • Around Shenzhen

    Shenzhen people love to say, “Once you’re here, you’re a Shenzhener.” Why is it such a beloved phrase? Because inclusiveness and transformation capture the spirit of the young city.Once a small fishing village, in...

  • Facilities

    PKU Shenzhen has world-class facilities that meet the various life needs for the thousands of students and staff of the university. From Olympic-size swimming pools to modern dim-sum, we have everything you need to li...

  • Housing

    Nanyan is an active and inclusive campus. Residents join a highly select and diverse group of peers and live together in comfortable facilities that promote interaction and community building.

  • Student Associations

    You are encouraged and warmly welcomed to join any of the many student associations at PKU Shenzhen.

  • Medical Services

    Shenzhen has both Chinese and international hospitals that are available to you if have an emergency or need to see a doctor. International hospitals have full English services and prices that are comparable to wester...