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PKU Shenzhen has world-class facilities that meet the various life needs for the thousands of students and staff of the university. From Olympic-size swimming pools to modern dim-sum, we have everything you need to live a quality life on campus.

As part of the University Town of Shenzhen, we have the benefit of having both small-scale facilities to meet our own needs and access to shared large-scale facilities, used in partnership with all the universities of UTSZ and the general Shenzhen public.

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Our campus is full of food to meet the needs and cravings of our diverse community. There is a wide range of flavors, price points and facilities with high standards for hygiene and food quality to ensure eating remains a daily highlight throughout each member’s time at Nanyan.

Also, as part of the University Town of Shenzhen (UTSZ), all of the UTSZ dining facilities are accessible for PKUSZ students and staff.



There are two canteens, or general cafeterias, on the PKUSZ campus. Canteen 1 is located in dorm Building 1 and Canteen 2 is located in dorm Building 5. Each canteen has two stories of dining options. The canteens serve breakfast, lunch and dinner at routine blocks of time.They focus on a wide variety of Chinese-style dishes.

Only a campus card or the UTSZ WeChat mini-program (linked to an individual’s campus card) can be used to purchase from the canteens. If you are guest to PKU Shenzhen, you should inquire about receiving a guest card for the UTSZ canteens.


Restaurants and cafes on campus are located in both living and academic building areas. WeChat Pay, AliPay and cash can be used for purchases at the restaurants and cafes and most accept campus card and UTSZ mini-program payments as well.

There are international food options, including global chains, as well as restaurants specializing in local cuisine.

PKUSZ Restaurants and Cafés

l McDonald’s

l Starbucks

l HK Style Bistro

l Hua Café

l Halal Noodle Restaurant

l Shang Shufang

There are even more restaurants and cafés located in the UTSZ library and the other campus areas of UTSZ.

Note: There are no cooking facilities for students at PKUSZ or anywhere in UTSZ

Athletics have been atthe very center of the University Town of Shenzhen and PKU since the very beginning when UTSZ was a hosting site for the world’s largestWorld University Games in 2011.

We are fortunate to have small-scale athletic facilities within our own PKUSZ buildings and large-scale facilities shared between the other universities in UTSZ.

Each year, we hold the PKUSZ Sports Meet and the PHBS Sports Meet. We also have teams compete in the annual UTSZ Comprehensive Sports Competition. A select group of students, including international students, also travel to the main campus of PKU in Beijing in early May to compete in the Annual PKU Sports Competition. There are also less formal competitions in individual sports, like swimming, football, tennis and basketball.

Apart from the competitions, students have the chance to enroll in General Education courses and receive training from our coaches in a wide-range of sports. They can also join one of the many student groups targeting specificactivities.

Select facilities (not comprehensive)



Dance Room

Swimming Pool


Sports Field

Sports Facilities Overview

Type PKU UTSZ Time Fee
Mon.-Sun.                                                (9:00-12:00; 14:00-21:30) 5元/hour 10元/hour (before noon)                                                20元/hour (in afternoon)
Ping Pong Mon-Fri (16:00-24:00)                                                Sat-Sun                                                (14:00-24:00) Mon.-Sun.                                                (9:00-12:00; 14:00-21:30) 5元/hour 5元/hour (before noon)                                                10元/hour (in afternoon)
Basketball Monday                                                (Closed)                                                Tues.-Sun.                                                (6:00-22:00) Mon-Sun                                                (09:00-16:00; 16:00-22:00) Free Outdoors: Free before 16:00                                                500元(2 hours, after 16:00)
Gym Mon-Sun                                                (06:00-24:00) Mon-Sun                                                (17:00-24:00) 5元each entrance                                                (160元/semester) 10元each entrance
Tennis Monday                                                (Closed)                                                Tues.-Sun.                                                (6:00-22:00) Mon.-Sun.                                                (9:00-12:00; 14:00-21:30) 15元/hour (from 06:00-16:00)                                                20元/hour (16:00-22:00) 20元(before noon)                                                40元(in afternoon)
Monday                                                (Closed)                                                Tues.-Sun.                                                (6:00-22:00)
Swimming Pool

Mon-Fri                                                (18:00-21:00)                                                Weekends                                                (14:00-17:00; 18:00-21:00)
30元each entrance
Mon.-Sun.                                                (9:00-12:00; 14:00-21:30) Free 3000元·(2 hours)

1200元(2 hours for smaller field)


The University Town of Shenzhen Library is one of the bestuniversity libraries in all of China. It is shared by the graduate schools of four universities: Peking University, Tsinghua University, Harbin Institute of Technology and Nankai University, and is open for use by local residents as well.

It is the first libraryin China tointegrate functions of bothauniversity library and public library. It was designed toaccommodate over 1 million books and 8,000 daily visitors.

In addition to its research resources, the library also organizes frequent activities and public talks.

University Town Medical Center

University Town Medical Center (校内社康中心) is the basic medical center for University Town. The Medical Center is on the Tsinghua University campus, next to Tsinghua’s dining hall. The center also includes a small pharmacy. There is no English service. Students should go to the UTSZ Medical Center for minor injuries and illnesses only.

Opening Hours: 9:00 - 17:00 (Monday to Friday)

Tel.: 2603 3167 or 2603 3165

24 Hours Emergency: 2673 0255

PKUSZ Counseling Center

The PKU Shenzhen Student Affairs Office is dedicated to our students’ mental health and well-being by providing students with free counseling services on campus. The Student Affairs Office professional staff can help students address any personal or academic struggles in a confidential setting in English.

The school provides 8 counseling sessions free of charge to all students. These counseling sessions help students deal with stress management, anxiety & depression, life transitions and relationship issues. After the first 8 sessions, students will need to apply to continue sessions with your counselor (more details provided at that time).

At present, all counseling services are by appointment only. Students shouldemail schedule an appointment during counseling hours.

Contact Information

Tel: 2603 2104


The University Town Branch of Ping An Bank is located in the first floor of the UTSZ Library. The bank is open Mondays-Saturdays. UTSZ Campus Card services and a China Telecom service booth are also in the bank.


Many ATMs in China accept international bank cards (VISA, MasterCard). However, Ping An Bank ATMs do not allow accept withdrawing from international bank accounts.

If using an international bank card to withdraw from an international account, students and staff should use the Bank of China ATM outside of Building 3 by Mirror Lake. There is also Bank of China ATMs in the Xili Lake Metro Station and other Shenzhen metro stations.

International Mail

International mail and packages will be held in the mailroom of Building C, Room 107. Property Services sends a monthly email listing the names people who have not yet collected international mail items.

International packages are commonly held by Chinese Customs or China Post until customs duty is paid on the items. Please be aware that this tax is high and may make receiving large packages very costly.


Building/Room number

Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School

2199 Lishui Road, Nanshan District

Shenzhen, People’s Republic of China, 518055

Chinese address:


Building/Room number



邮编 51855

Domestic Mail

Most domestic packages will be sent to the mail room behind dormitory Building 4 (1stFloor).

Shipping address for domestic packages: